Saturday, December 10, 2016

The desert-I love it so!

It is not a coincidence that holy men go to the desert to meditate and seek answers . It is the holiest place on earth which is itself holy. A shelter for beings who became aware and allows the Universe to observe itself through their eyes.

Lessons taught in the desert often result in death so they are not popular! ha ha ha The rattlesnake does not care when he lunges at you with dripping fangs whether or not you are liberal or conservative. He doesn't care how much money you have in the bank. Those things are meaningless in his world. He lives in the desert. The hottest, driest, most inhospitable place on the planet.

You pace yourself in the desert. The heat dictates how fast you move or if you move at all! First you sweat, when the sweating stops you are about to have a heat stroke. A heart attack perhaps. Slowing your pace and resting in the shade could have altered the outcome but you are to stubborn to slow down and you don't slow your pace. You have defied the desert and now you will pay. The desert enforces it's own rules.
No place for ego. Obey and maybe live, defy and die for certain. Simple.

I have seen the oceans and been high up in the mountains, seen  swamps and jungles and my favorite place on earth is the desert. I love it and respect it and obey it's rules. It has been my home for 45 years. I want my ashes sprinkled here when I'm gone.

I don't go out in the boonies much anymore. My knees and bum leg makes it hard to get around. I miss the campfires, the  smell of meat on the fire, pouring a shot of bourbon in your coffee,  the singing of the wind through the dunes, the smell of the creosote bush and the sage brush. Shaking out your boots in the morning to check for scorpions! ha ha 45 years and I actually shook one out once. Scared me so bad I spilled my coffee! ha ha ha ha

If you get a chance tell me what you think of this kind of post. It's about all I really want to talk about anymore. My shop, my yard, fixing on my house and loving Mrs. Rat. That's my life and if you want me to post about it some more I will. Otherwise, I am done. I don't want to talk about politics or religion or any of that stuff anymore.It's depressing and I don't drink as much as I used too! ha ha ha ha  If you're lucky maybe I'll share a chili recipe with you!

sweet dreams!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Get up Slowly and step away from the keyboard!

I wish more people would get my sarcasm. I write articles that just mimic what others have said as an experiment to see who is paying attention.

Look up at the sky at night. Do you really think the universe cares Trump got elected? Do you really think you or I matter that much?

Let me tell you a little secret. You are here for a short time and then you are gone. "Transitory"...I don't mean magically transported to another dimension of consciousness, waking up at the Pearly Gates for your entrance interview with St. Peter, you just return to the star dust that you came from. The same as everything else including the whole planet someday!

Of course, your ego is afraid to die so it invented all sorts of fancy "afterlife" stories to make it less scary. Along with those stories came governments and religions and all sorts of games "king of the hill" "monopoly" "world conquest" "politics" "religion" "cowboys and Indians" "space invader". Who can out lie, out steal, out cheat their way to the top of the heap for a little while? High Score! for a little while and then down it goes. Nothing lasts ....Pushing and shoving and grasping and clawing to get more and more and all the time the seconds click away.

Let me tell how all those games end. You run out of clock! No overtime, no additional innings .done finished death! Tick Tock! So here is the only sensible thing to do. Live and love, laugh and enjoy the simple things, don't take any good thing for granted. spend your time wisely!

think of all the time you have sat in front of a keyboard. Can't you think of something you could have done that would have been time better spent?