Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Pain in my Mouth is Gone!

Well, it took an extra day and a half but my tooth ache is over I went yesterday morning only to discover that there was an electrical problem and the dentist's office would have to close til they got it fixed. Today at noon they called and said if I came in a 2:30 they could take care of me. I was there at 2! ha ha ha ha ha $ 149.00 bucks later, one x ray and an extraction I came home and took a nap. Woke up and had soup and bread and a brownie! Ahh.......Crisis has been averted yet once again.

Got two estimates on my roof and took the higher of the two. Have to wait til they are done with their current project, a bank foreclosure, and then it's my turn. Should get it done before it gets real hot! Saturday I scored a good deal at the thrift store. I got a six drawer Craftsman top box for $22.50. Sanded it down and gave it a coat of red and it looks brand new! ha ha ha ha ha Wrote a review for Lowes on my Power Washer and they published it. Wind blew hard today. Bikers are coming from all over for the Laughlin River Run. Four days of bikes and titties and beer! I'm staying home and let my mouth heal. You know you are getting old when titties and beer no longer tempt you! ha ha ha ha ha ha

Anyway, really pleased with the dentist and the price. Didn't feel a thing after the initial needle prick. At 150 bucks a piece I will keep coming every time one hurts and when I get down to just a couple of teeth left I'll get me a whole new set! Thanks for your comments last time. I didn't feel up to answering them. Hope you understand. Tomorrow is hump day. Going to wake up without a pain in my mouth! ha ha ha ha ha May have me a sip of whiskey tonight! I been a good boy! ha ha ha ha ha

Almost forgot. Happy Earth Day! Be good to it. It's the only one we got!

the rat