Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another Update and Pictures! Wow!!!!

Well, I got the partition wall built finally. Not bad for a half blind crippled up old man. I could say how I used to build stuff like this in one day and now it takes four days but you guys know how it is. Going to paint next, then solar screen and finally lattice to match the rest of it. The door opening is bigger this time so I will have to modify the barn door a little to compensate. Need a 36" opening just in case. The side door leading out back is a 32" opening. Damn thing is built a lot heavier than it needs to be for a non load bearing wall but I don't know any other way to do it so...........

Went to Lowes and bought matching hardware, hinges and such. Supposed to be 110 degrees tomorrow! Still got about 6 weeks of hot weather and then back in the 90's for a month or so. Can't have to much shade!

Of course since the shed roof and walls leaked I had to shuffle some stuff around. This won't be nearly as cluttered when I get the shed wall fixed and move some stuff back in. Hell, I got room for a pool table! and a bar! Hmmmmmmm? ha ha ha ha ha

Mrs. Rat reminded me that this a holiday weekend coming up. Unofficial end of summer for you folks that own snow shovels. Kids are back in school and Walmart will have Halloween stuff out next week probably! ha ha ha ha ha

This is it for August. Have a great weekend and be safe,

the rat