Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Another Short Story!

Before the "Mega Mart" style stores came about where you could get a haircut , buy new tires for your car, get eye glasses and pick up something for dinner there used to be little road side emporiums which featured several stores strung together "strip mall" fashion.

One such place was W.G. Lydell's Taxidermy Shop, Funeral Parlor and 24 hour Café located on a 2 lane highway somewhere in our great country. I had the opportunity to visit there once. The sign out front said." Rest in Peace Bill Higgens" "Visitation 6 to 8" and underneath "Coconut Cream Pie $ 1.25 a slice! or free with the dinner special!"

I went in driven by hunger since I had been on the road all day without anything to eat. On one side was a glassed off partition with the coffin of Mr. Bill Higgens surrounded by flowers and several family members and friends. On the other side of the glass partition were booths , tables, and a small salad bar, a juke box and cash register. Through swinging doors at the other end I could see mounted heads on the wall of the Taxidermy shop!

The food came quickly and I ate it down without any hesitation. There was one awkward moment when I took a big bite of my meatloaf and looked up to see 2 more people enter the other side to visit and pay their respects to Bill. They glanced over at me while I tried to swallow the bite I took. I didn't know what to do so I waved! I think they nodded back but I'm not sure.  I was determined to enjoy my meal in spite of the activities next door and ordered the pie! I downed it in 4 bites , swallowed the last of my coffee and got up to pay the check.

I said to the waitress at the cash register, "Interesting place you have here" She smiled and said "the local folks like it. It is convenient, you know!" She went on to say, " You should go next door and pay your respects and sign the visitors book. Old Bill didn't have many friends around here and I'm sure his family would appreciate it" " He died unexpectedly" she muttered under her breath.  "What did he die of?" I ask. "Food Poisoning!" she said as she handed me my change. "He didn't have the meatloaf by any chance, did he" I said jokingly.

  I went through the glass door into the viewing room, walked over and looked down at Bill. Turned to leave and stopped to sign the guest book. I wrote, "Good bye Bill, You will be missed! as an after thought I wrote "Good Pie!". and walked back out to my car.

The End......😀

A Post Worthy of Hump Day!

I don't know how much longer I can do this blog. I can't seem to make myself understood. If I say something about old fashioned values I get instantly labeled a liberal traitor or a born again conservative. Somewhere out there in blog land someone is waiting to label you, put you into a nice neat category so they can pass judgement on your opinions and views with the soured consternation of a god in need of fiber, pointing an arthritic and palsied finger in your direction where mumbling "infidel or heretic" under their breath!

What ever happened to "free speech". By definition it is not required to agree with anything you happen to think. That's the whole point. Alternative viewpoints and open discussion. Give and take, point and counter point. If you say something that someone doesn't agree with or "Jesus H. Christ on a god damned cracker" gets offended by you, you are attacked with the same feverish frothing at the mouth rabid response of a "true believer" whose precious bullshit dogma has been brought into question.

I change my viewpoints all the time. I get new information or hear an alternative argument that makes sense to me and I must adjust my thinking accordingly. I think! I am not a fucking zombie. Now days anything a liberal says is instantly dismissed as "complete bullshit" because a liberal said it. If a conservative makes a valid point he is attacked as being an old fashioned, right wing, bible thumping nut bag who only has sex with his wife for the purposes of getting her pregnant!

What a fucked up world we find ourselves in, constantly being judged and forced into a mold of one kind or another. If you think and are capable of reason you are still labeled depending on your viewpoint. If you don't stay close to the herd mentality you are not patriotic, a traitor, a snowflake, a commie, a gun nut, bible thumper, child molester, abusive and ignorant and determined to stay that way because it is a god damned family tradition! If you criticize liberals for going to far into la la land, you are being insensitive and close minded. You must accept every bizarre thing that someone comes up with or you are close minded!

What next? Marrying your goat?

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I am a White Man. I am Proud of my Heritage!

I am not naïve or foolish enough to think that anything I say here will have a lasting impact on anyone else. Just my two cents worth is all it has ever been. Ironically, people seem to be under the impression that they must defend their beliefs against all those who have the nerve to disagree! I don't even want to argue with those people who "have hope for the future". in spite of the fact I think most of these situations are hopeless.

Our Nation ( the United States) is fragmenting into factions that won't compromise. There is nothing bipartisan about our Congress or Senate. Sides have been chosen, a distinct line drawn in the sand and everyone has pretty much decided which side they are on. Personally, I don't want to be a white minority in a country full of low riders and taco stands. Does that make me a bigot or racist. Maybe? I don't know if it does and frankly I don't care. It is true regardless.
I ancestors landed in the Virginia Colony in 1677 from England. We have been here for 340 years! We never owned slaves!

I didn't want to see my children marry black people and I didn't want half white grandbabies. If that makes me racist then I am racist. I want my grandchildren to be white like me! Thank goodness, they are! What is wrong with feeling that way? I am sure there are black grandparents out there who feel the same way. Are they prejudice for feeling that way or just me? Why does that make me a bad person in the eyes of today's liberal society? I realize that interracial marriage is becoming more commonplace but that doesn't mean I have to agree with it. I must tolerate it, I don't have to condone it. There is a major difference there I think!

Succumbing to political correctness and buckling under to liberal pressure to somehow make up for the past by eliminating confederate statues and flags is not fair. You can have a Black Heritage Month celebrated in America but Southern Pride and honoring Confederate veterans is racist? NO, NO, and HELL NO! I don't object to black folks having equal rights but I got a big problem with my rights being taken away to make them happy. I am a White Man! Don't try and make me ashamed in order to punish me for history.