Friday, January 30, 2015

Disgusted, discouraged and Being an Ass!

It rained all afternoon yesterday and all night. My shop stayed dry except for a small drip in the corner which keeps me humble. A far cry from the flooded shop I had before. Mrs. Rat is staying well and avoiding people until the flu and cold season passes by. We are careful when we go out to avoid sick people who should be at home but choose to be out spreading their filthy contagion to the masses instead. If you don't cough and gag in my face I won't punch you in yours! Seems fair, but alas, gagging on someone is legal and punching them isn't. Although the gagging is far more dangerous to the health.

Of course, some poor souls don't have anyone to take care of them when they are sick and have to fend for themselves, I understand that. I suppose I should be sympathetic and tolerant but I'm just not in the mood today. My readers are starting to grasp that unlike most people who profess not to care, I actually don't. I've tried to get involved in all these causes and get all worked up about them, struggled desperately to care so I could enjoy the comfort of the "herd of the well intentioned." Mass hysteria and fanaticism is just not my style. In my country, the US of A, we can't get our elected officials to believe global warming is a problem. Yeah right! and cigarettes won't cause lung cancer either! I remember the good old days of air pollution. Hard to argue with a hacking cough and your eyes watering. Pollution was kind of obvious. Most of us don't see the ocean levels raising or the arctic melting!

When you live in a country that sings the praises of democracy, it is difficult to admit that democracy is 51% of the people telling the other 49% what to do! What if the 51% are real stupid and the 49% are smart? How's that democracy stuff working for you then? Of course, America is supposed to be a  Republic. I won't even bother to explain the difference to the people who should have paid more attention in school!

This is Super Bowl weekend. A chance for all the testosterone fueled neanderthals to "root for their team!". I'll watch it. I won't be dressed in my football jersey, drinking from my team mug, while gorging on tail gate foods. But as a observer of the human condition I will be interested to see the festivities! It would have been "Bread and Circuses" in Roman times. Nowadays it is the Super Bowl. A improvement over gladiatorial combat I suppose. Although you  must admit that men killing each other with swords has a certain entertainment value.

Scientists are poor, people who squat down and run into each other are millionaires! I don't get it.

later, I'm hungry and the food is in the kitchen.

the rat