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Thursday, May 21, 2015

A small rant and a couple of pictures!

Well, like the old expression goes "I feel like I been rode hard and put away wet! " Eyeballed the situation (the Patio) and decided I need 2 more lousy block pavers to finish one more row and then sand a few spots and lock them in place.

I have a broken paver I can cut in half and use the unbroken part to finish off an area without wasting a whole block. Mrs. Rat and I sat out there for awhile yesterday and decided to leave the long side open to the yard and not close it in with lattice work so that's going to save me some time and money. I may still put up a partition to block the neighbor's light! I don't know what people are afraid of that requires them to burn a god damn 200 watt bulb all night like they are expecting a frigging zombie attack! Only people with a death wish would be stupid enough to sneak in my yard after dark with bad intentions! I am old, don't have much patience, and have an 8 shot 12 gauge shotgun full of 00 buckshot! ha ha ha ha ha I named my shotgun "Kindness". That way I can "kill you with kindness!" ha ha ha ha ha ha

I finally got a picture of the birds flapping! Since the awning cover went up last week the birds don't seem to see me sneaking up on them for a good picture!

I know very little about photography so the bird flapping picture is a big deal for me! ha ha ha ha ha

all for now I got to get the trash ready to go out to the curb,


the rat