Thursday, May 5, 2016

Still Moving Slow and Shifting Down Another Gear!

Well, I got more lumber and am almost done framing..Pictures should be next post. Wind is blowing real hard today so here I sit. Just 4 boards left to cut and the side wall is done and the wind is gusting to 30mph! Hurry up and wait!

I don't want to sound like I am judging anyone. Truth is: I am bewildered. It seems to be getting worse the older I get. Does damn near everyone lie and I just never noticed it before. People have gotten rude. They don't return your phone calls, they don't answer your questions, and if you press them, they lie through their teeth!

Now the way I figure it, there are two kinds of lies. Most people lie accidentally because they tell you something that they truly believe to be true and it isn't. Can't really blame them for those. They are misinformed and just passing it on. It's the second kind of lie I am talking about.The deliberate lie. A work of complete fiction. Blowing smoke, tall tale kind of lie.

Those are mostly told by cheating spouses , doctors, lawyers and politicians. Now the motives are obvious some of the time. They don't want caught doing something wrong. Makes sense, it's not right but it makes sense. I just never realized how common it is. It's no wonder I am something of a hermit. I don't have the necessary social skills to "blend in". I don't lie. Never was very good at it. Always got caught and then everything got worse. So finally I quit trying. Not worth the aggravation if you ask me.

Some people would rather lie than tell the truth. It can be raining outside and they will tell you the sun is shining. I don't get it. Of course, there are those folks who lie to themselves. That's kind of interesting. What they see when they look in the mirror is totally different from what everyone else sees. They fail to see any of their own faults. If you have a disagreement with them it has to be your fault because they are never wrong. A lot of those kind of people have blogs! I'm just saying........

Let's face it. Not everyone is interesting. Not everyone's life would make a good movie. Most of US are just ordinary. Wandering through life overwhelmed and confused for the most part. That describes me. I try to be nice to everyone I meet but some people are assholes. Better to just stay home and watch TV.

Wish I had something exciting to talk about but I don't. That's the honest truth!

the rat

Monday, May 2, 2016

Monday -Didn't accomplish a damned thing!

Well, I have had to modify my design for the end wall and need more materials. I didn't make it across the river today so that project is at a stand still till I get to the lumber yard. It really is nothing to get to excited about.

As usual I have gotten carried away and I am sore as hell, haven't gotten much rest and have been spending a lot of time with a ice pack on various offending parts of my body. The problem is: in my mind I am not old. I still think I am 30 and can leap tall buildings at a single bound, run faster than a locomotive- well, you get the idea. I wonder if Superman ever needed an ice pack and a muscle relaxer.

Once again I have succumbed to the temptation to comment on other blogs. If I don't comment occasionally, people think I don't read them, if I do comment I say the wrong thing. A quandary to be sure! Interestingly enough, people show no hesitation in commenting here and telling me their views even if the differ dramatically from my own. Trust? Freedom of Speech? a mystery. Perhaps it is because I invite frankness and honesty. I do not seek validation. I know I'm probably wrong and have the humility to accept it gracefully! ha ha ha ha ha

Well, it's May. I am getting ready for another record-breaking year of high temps and unpredictable weather. Climate change is real. Even a dummy like me can see that plainly. Coral reefs are dying. Honey bees are dying. Air is polluted. Water is polluted. Can't grow sufficient food for the world without chemical fertilizers. The rich are getting richer, the poor are still poor and the middle class is still stupid. Here in America we are considering birth certificate checkers at the bathroom door to make sure you use the right one! It would be funny if it wasn't so sad.

I wish I had bought more 2x4's today instead of this......

the rat

Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Good day

I spent most of my Fri-day working in the backyard on my patio enclosure project. I'll have pictures in a few days hopefully. It is more difficult to frame because the ground isn't level and the awning slopes the opposite direction so getting it framed square has been challenging.

It was a beautiful day here in the Mohave. A little wind, mostly cloudy, not hot. The bikers are in town having their annual rally here so it was a good day to avoid the traffic and stay home. Mrs. came out back and sat for awhile watching me work and bringing me cold tea. I like working when she is around. We talk and laugh and she hands me stuff I drop so I don't have to climb up and down the ladder to many times. I'm sore!!!!!!Knees are reminding me I am 65! There may be an ice pack in my future! ha ha ha ha

Whatever you are doing this weekend I hope you are surrounded by love. It is a big dark Universe and love makes it easier to bear. Carl Sagan said something close to that. Be safe, use your time wisely.


the rat

Thursday, April 28, 2016

does MD stand for medical doctor or manic depressive?

Just got home from Mrs. Rat's trip to the lung dude! I'm beginning to think the M.D. stands for Manic Depressive. Most of these "doctors" act like they need a real good bowel movement. I don't recall ever seeing a doctor smile or laugh. They all walk around like they are trying real hard to control an outburst of insane rage!

I guess they got picked on a lot when they went to school. You know, stuffed in a locker, stuff like that. They swore that someday they would make the working class pay for the way they were treated and now they get to order all kinds of painful tests, poke and prod and twist and turn and make you bend over! Oh my!

I have always been secretly suspicious that they do about half of what they do just to screw around with you. Salt free diet! Everybody knows that food without salt tastes like shit! But no, you can't have it, you will die! Blood tests with fasting! 6 large tubes at 7:30 am with no coffee! All of us veterans remember "turn your head and cough". Cut down on red meat, eat more vegetables, no sugar, no bread. Lose weight, exercise, walk, swim but only screw once every two weeks. Wouldn't want for you to enjoy your life now would we?

Cut down on alcohol. Bad for you. Of course the 14 pills they want you to take everyday which makes you itch,cough, pee the bed, get dizzy, tired as hell, retain water, gain weight (they bitch about) grow (man boobs), and of course the really bad side effects like rectal bleeding or fits of homicidal rage! Those pills are absolutely essential to your "health". I felt better before I started going to the doctor. I could work in the yard, enjoy a nice dinner, fool around with the Mrs. a little bit and have a couple of shots of whiskey and go to sleep.

Since I started taking all these damn pills I have never slept more than 4 hours in a row. If your enlarged prostrate won't make you pee all night the god damned water pill you don't need sure as hell will! I live in the hottest desert in the United States. Death Valley is just up the road . We sweat, we sweat gallons. Water pills are OK if you want to stay indoors and never actually live. But if you go outside you are going to sweat. You drink water all day long trying to not get dehydrated. Somebody tell these geniuses that it is hot Outside. People who don't spend their entire day in a 72 degree room with frost on the exam table actually sweat. In the summer peeing is optional. If you pee it is to prove you are hydrated adequately.

Doctors think everyone gets up at dawn or before. They don't understand "night people". Most doctors have never seen prime time television. They aren't awake. Us old retired people don't sleep well, we watch movies on tv at 2 am if we can't sleep. Maybe an old episode of the Outer Limits or the Twilight Zone. We get a drink of water and go lay back down and try and sleep a few more hours. You pass out and I'll be damned you are awake an hour later going to the bathroom.

If you suffer from severe arthritis or neuropathy you burn, itch, ache, feel like stuff is crawling on you, you can't get the room cold enough or warm enough, you can't stand to be under the covers. Only thing that helps is a shot or two of bourbon. Can't do that because you are full of your night time pills. Heart attack waiting to happen.

I am thinking about cutting back on doctors visits. They have never actually fixed anything. Just want to try a new medicine out on me so they can get a free trip to the Bahamas or Hawaii. Pharmaceutical reps bribe them with all kinds of stuff. Ever notice the pads, pens, charts, coffee mugs, mouse pads,etc. at your doctors office? Freebies for writing lots and lots of prescriptions. If you write enough between visits you get airplane tickets and hotel reservations. A big racket.

By the way: The Mrs. appointment went well and she is actually cutting back on meds. Now it is mostly spring time allergies. A little nose spray and 2 shots of vodka and she's good. Feel free to comment and tell me all about your doctor's experiences. Unless your doctor is great and is a miracle worker in which case keep it to your self. Hearing about a good doctor someplace would be depressing.

the rat

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

7 Paragraphs of Nothing Special

I had a 10 or 11 paragraph post all ready to go and I went back through it looking for typos and such and realized it was about 9 1/2 paragraphs of depressing crap. I hit the delete button and spared you the doom and gloom, agony and despair.

First: What has already happened has well, already happened and Cosmic Law #1 applies- Shit happens!

No amount of whining and complaining on my part will alter history. Hell no amount of whining and complaining on my part will have much of an effect on the future either. Might as well just make the best of it, do the best you can with what you have to work with and drink a refreshing adult beverage! You'll notice I didn't say hope for the best. Hoping for a good outcome is wishful thinking and wishful thinking leads to more disappointment and despair, more doom and gloom and you are right back to where you were before.

Much better to expect the worse to happen. It probably will in which case it won't catch you off guard and if it goes better than expected then you can enjoy a rare moment of the Universe moving in the right direction for you. Don't let it go to your head, it won't last. I figure if I won the Megabucks Jackpot I would have a heart attack and die before I could spend the money. Best laid plans and all that.

I have been doing odds and ends around the homestead. I didn't know how much work odds and ends could be! Weather isn't cooperating so the end wall of my lattice work is still waiting. Can't do that kind of thing when the wind is gusting to 50mph! Been pulling weeds and trimming and pruning a little. Shaping the oleanders or trying to!

Rode my scooter up to the mailboxes today to see them. They were installed this morning and look way better than the old ones. I guess these will last the rest of my life. I think the association paid 10 thousand bucks for the new ones. Post Office don't furnish them anymore so you have to buy your own, like individual mailboxes. I can even get to my box with my scooter! Handicapped accessible! Imagine that!

Mrs. Rat goes to see the lung doctor on Thursday. We may go to Bullhead tomorrow to turn in prescriptions and have lunch and go to Lowes for building materials. If the wind ain't to bad. Other than that nothing going on here with talking about.

the rat