When I make plans for tomorrow, I wake up in pain.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

A real honest to goodness Post written by Me!


I haven't written a post in a few days and have been taking the lazy way out and posting gifs and music. Apparently, some of my selections were offensive to the little old ladies who go to church 5 times a week and could fault with Jesus. OH, well. If they ain't complaining they ain't happy and I wouldn't want to be the cause of their unhappiness.

Truth is I don't feel good. My back has been hurting real bad for about 3 days now. Not down low like usual but up between my shoulder blades. Hurts to take a deep breath! Weather is nice and I had plans to work outside and I should know by now that plans have a way of not working out. Me and the Mrs. went to the HOA meeting yesterday to see how bad they are screwing that up and found out that things are pretty good for a change.

Went to Bullhead City for lunch and Mrs. Rat wanted Mexican food so we went to our favorite Mexican food place and had the buffet and a couple of margaritas! Ole! Nothing like beans and rice and tequila to brighten your day! ha ha ha ha ha Went by the Good Will and found a cast iron frying pan to use outside on the grill. Can't beat bacon and eggs cooked outside in a cast iron skillet! Looking for a small cast iron dutch oven ! I'm to cheap to pay 70 dollars for a iron pot with a lid so I'll keep looking! ha ha ha ha ha

Mailed off my property tax exemption paperwork. Nevada gives disabled veterans a big tax break so we can afford Mexican buffets and tequila! ha ha ha ha I love Nevada. Damn good folks live here. They know they ain't perfect and don't try and pretend they are like some folks. Since I am the most human behaving human being you have ever met, I feel at home here. Bless em!

Did you like the music I posted? I like the blues.That fretkiller fellow is great. Anyway I am going to lie down and hope this backache subsides soon. I got stuff to do and can't be lollygagging around the house all day! ha ha ha ha


the rat