Thursday, August 17, 2017

Another trip to the coin shop!

Had to go across the river and do a Walmart run this morning! Stopped at Sam's club pharmacy for the Mrs. pills, hit a couple of thrift stores looking for treasures and went to the coin shop again!

This time I bought some junk silver 90% and some more Canadian Maple Leafs. As long as I can buy coins for less the 3 dollars over spot I'll buy from the local guy. Maple leafs were 19 a piece and change so I got an OK deal.

I've got almost two full tubes of these.

I got some nice old Walking Liberty 50 cent pieces.

I also got some Mercury dimes.

Except for the silver content none of them are very valuable. I like them because they remind me of my childhood. Used to get a fifty cent piece for my birthday from my grandma. I got dimes from my dad to go to the candy store! You could get a whole bag of salt water taffy and get change back. America was great then!

that's all for now. Another boring coin post!