At least when I go to hell, I'll be used to the weather and surrounded by old friends!
The Mohave Rat

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

To Thine Ownself Be True!

I look around now days and am reminded that I have never really fit in anywhere. I am not political. I am not religious. I am not a sports fanatic. Never got fanatical about hunting and fishing. Most everything I ever tried I did to see if I could feel like I belonged. It didn't work.

I like to fix things, build stuff and work in the garden. I don't charge people, I more than likely will just give it to them if they need it. I used to sell stuff when I needed to  make a living but now I'd just as soon give it away. I build stuff strong and safe. I don't care to much about it being "perfect". I ain't perfect and I have always been OK with it. I see people try so hard to be "picture perfect" have the perfect home, perfect car, show up on a windy day with not a hair out of place, worry about what people will think. Never have understood any of that. I show up clean and as well groomed as I am able and if they can't accept me that way then I'll just leave.

I just want to be warm and dry and have a nice place to relax with Mrs. Rat. I don't need granite counter tops or stainless steel appliances or hardwood floors. If I get a couple of weeds popping up in the yard I'll walk over and pull them but I ain't going to panic about it! Some folks act like the fashion police are going to show up any minute and they will be judged on everything. What a terrible burden to live with. I got clothes in the closet I have had for years. They are clean and aren't torn or faded, aren't missing any buttons so I continue to wear them. I don't know if they are out of style and don't care to be honest.

I got way more important stuff to worry about than that sort of nonsense. I got plants to water and things that need fixed. I got Mrs. Rat to take care of, everyday with Mrs. Rat is like being on a date! It is just as much fun now as it was 22 years ago..My readership is falling off to what it was when I first started this blog and comments have fallen off as well. Writing something personal takes longer than just finding some pictures or gifs or cartoons or music to post. I share my thoughts and feelings and apparently that is pretty boring because hardly anybody visits anymore. That's OK.


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