Monday, September 18, 2017

A New Post.

I wasn't sure I would ever write another post. Someone said something that got me to thinking. He said "No one gives a shit". I answered "I give a shit, OK". I realized that the world is not divided up according to good or bad. It is divided up into two groups: those who care, those who don't.

Those who care have pride, respect, honor. They still cherish the old values are fathers and grandfathers had. The other breed of "No one gives a shit" are responsible for all the anarchy, lawlessness, apathy, lack of respect, lack of reason. I understand love, I understand hate, what I don't understand is not feeling one way or the other.

Do we want to evolve? Do we want to be better each generation? or are we satisfied to be naked apes and be ruled by instincts and hormones. Are we content being savages or do we strive to be something more? If the strong are going to prey upon the weak, then why even try to have a society. A civilization. Laws to help us conduct ourselves in an acceptable manner.

Of course, there are parasites. Those who stand at the edge of the fight and steal what portion is left for them once the battle is over. They live on the scraps of braver men than themselves. Do we base our behavior on nature. Does the strong always have to kill the weak? Lower life forms act according to instinct and don't have a choice. We think! We can decide what behavior is appropriate and then act accordingly.

Sure, sometimes we make mistakes. But you can seek forgiveness. You can acknowledge your mistake and say sorry like a man. Or you can "not give a shit". I can't think of a word for those kind. Even animals have a code of conduct. It may be instinctual but it exists. Not caring when you hurt someone is the characteristic of a sociopath.

Addition: I don't want anyone to think that I am naïve enough to believe that people that don't give a shit can be changed. They can't. They will always be insensitive assholes who don't care. They roam the earth doing as they please, hurting people without guilt and generally contributing nothing of value.

the rat