"A Nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but it's lowest ones." ~Nelson Mandela

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

How to kill a blog! Tell the Truth!

Fanatics do real well with a blog. They pick out something to hate and then they rant and rave and rage and insult and defame and judge! Over the course of time fellow hatemongers will find them and join in with  the vitriol hate fest. The other group who do well are the "sky is falling" blogs. Fear loves company almost as much as hate does. The third and final group are the "bury your head in the sand" live in denial blogs. They want to talk exclusively about their grandchildren, their pets, their hobbies, their gardens while the world around them collapses a little more each day!

It doesn't matter what it is you are against as long as you "choose sides". If you want to kill a blog you bad mouth both sides of an issue equally. You point out the hypocrisy, the faulty logic, the distortion of the truth and pretty soon people lose that loving feeling for your analysis! Somebody has to be right? NO, not necessarily. If you live in the darkness and don't have any real accurate information to use for making rational judgments then you are subject to Pardon the expression- the bullshit factor!

There is no left and right! Sorry! Oh sure there are conservative and liberal points of view and all kinds of people in between the one extreme or the other. But they don't represent sides! There is only the Elite rich Masters and the Poor to one degree or another. If you are super rich you don't read the pissing and moaning of the general population. You have people who keep track of the level of dissatisfaction. Occasionally you toss the masses a bone to shut them up, to make them think "they matter".

Religion and politics are both tools used to keep the masses under control while the few elite live comfortably behind the curtain , pulling the strings, starting wars, loaning money, selling drugs, and profiting from human misery. Your parents have a bill when you are born, somebody has to pay to bury you and everyday in between is a struggle to put together a comfortable little life.

I know it is not an easy pill to swallow. The Red pill of reality I guess. Conversely, the blue pill allows people to think their vote matters, Jesus loves them, and it's all going to be OK. The Blue pill of comfortable illusion!  We are enslaved by a secret powerful group that doesn't want the truth to ever come out! They own everything. The control everything. Your purpose is to labor, breed and consume!

The world is under the control of a group of power crazed sociopaths. They are smart, excellent liars, excellent story tellers, charming, incapable of any true human emotion although they conceal it well, and only interested in themselves. They are the ultimate survivor. They will do whatever it takes to advance their own agenda. If you get in the way , then they have no reservations about destroying you, your family or anything else in the way!

They start wars for fun and profit! They manipulate the masses through politics and religion, stage events-Pearl Harbor, Gulf of Tonkin, 9-11 to get the masses to react the way they want them too! They play monopoly with the world as a game board, they have overseers who live a life of privilege who supervise the day to day operations of the "Earth Farm". This is not science fiction! This is how the world actually is!

Use Google to research this for yourself. Everything from news to food to medicine  is controlled and profited from by "someone". Monetary value is manipulated, the stock market is "played" for real!

Oh, one last thought! Can it be fixed? Can we get our world back?

the answer is:             NO!