Tuesday, August 30, 2016

What about old white guys rights?

I am less than 5000 views away from my goal of 500,000 views. I guess I can go ahead and piss off a few more people. There is a giant difference between "tolerating" and "accepting".

I don't want a nurse with a Muslim Hijab (scarf) around her head doing anything for me or my wife if we are in the hospital. If you are following some ancient "tradition" in 2016 you are to ignorant to care for me or my family members. Now if the nurse is wearing a bandana (Aunt Jemima) style to keep the sweat out of her eyes, I got no problem with that.

I tolerate gay people. I don't care if they get married. I don't want to hurt them but I would just as soon not be around them if possible. I have a wife (woman) to tell me if I'm dressed OK. Her opinion is the only one that matters, thanks!

I don't care when you sneaked into my country, you are not a god damned "undocumented worker" you are a "illegal alien" and you need deported. I don't believe in amnesty as a reward for getting away with breaking the law for decades. We need to keep very good records of who we deport and if they are caught back here again it should be the death penalty. We don't need a frigging wall, we need to enforce the frigging law!

Let's see now, Gays, Mexicans, Muslims, or I almost forgot blacks!.I am tired of hearing all the nonsense. Obama and Oprah has proven you can make something of yourself if you "work" at it. Just standing around on the corner drinking "Night Train" or "Mad Dog" ain't doing nothing positive but reinforcing the stereotype! If you don't know what that means go back to school and learn something. Talking so people can understand you and pulling up your pants would be a steps in the right direction.

There! I'm sure I have forgotten some group worthy of a comment but I'll make up for it in future posts. I am an old white man. I am tired of apologizing for shit I had nothing to do with. I am tired of being called racist because I don't want low life criminals around me. I'm tired of hearing about "Rag heads" rights. Gay rights, black rights, Mexicans rights. What about old white guys rights?