Friday, February 27, 2015

Post for Friday. See ya later!

I sat here yesterday and deleted about 700 posts along with the comments. I am down to 118 posts that I really liked and the rest are gone forever. Some of what I said was meant to be temporary like conversation. I don't have a big enough ego to think that every word I have ever written needs saved for "future generations" ha ha ha ha ha .

Many of the posts reflected my personal struggles. Many opinions I regret offering. I am sure they exist somewhere out there in the internet but you won't find them from here anymore. The weather is good and I am very busy with stuff. I don't want to sit down and feel obligated to crank out a post. When I have something worth talking about , I'll write a post. No schedule.

Today for instance, Mrs. Rat wanted a nice salad so I took her to a fancy restaurant called "La Wendy's" ha ha ha ha ha . I love those baked potatoes. I put chili on them with some cheese and onions. Couple of senior ice teas and it's all good. Screen folks lost my latest order and have to do it over again. Last 2 are taking longer than the other 16. Took the rat mobile through the car wash. It was nasty. It will probably frigging rain now! Took Mrs. Rat to the dollar store. I bought some Sudoku puzzle books and a couple more back scratchers. Went to Good Will and found a couple of books worth reading. Mrs. Rat is on the lookout for projects for her "shop". ha ha ha ha Checked the mail and got the papers and went home.

Supposed to go back and get the screens tomorrow. I have to stop at Lowe's for some fittings and some weed killer. It's that time again. I got 4 out of 5 projects done this month so it went pretty good. It may be a few days before I check to see if I got comments that need approved. Sorry about that but real life is taking precedence now.

be safe,

the rat