Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving to the Folks in Ferguson Missouri! 29 days til Christmas

Tomorrow I will put up a "Happy Thanksgiving " graphic of some kind and take 4 days off from blogging. I do sincerely hope that all my friends and readers have a wonderful holiday and those not here in America have a wonderful weekend.

 This riot in Ferguson as a result of the grand jury decision is just one example in a long list of examples I could cite as to why I feel alienated from society and definitely not a member of the human herd. I don't know any of those people. I don't know anyone who lives there. So why should I care? It's just like Syria or Palestine. What business is it of mine what those people do? Are any of them sitting around concerned about Clark County Nevada? Did they all lose sleep when we had militias threatening  war with law enforcement over the Bundy issue. That concerned me. I was here in the same county. Just down the road a ways. But Ferguson? So a bunch of low lifes have an excuse to burn and destroy and steal and the government won't shoot them for fear of how it will look! None of my business, really! Neither is Detroit or Chicago or Tel Aviv! I live in Laughlin Nevada. Population is around 8,000. If it happens here I am concerned. It may actually affect me in some way. But savages killing each other a 1000 miles away is none of my business.

Obama thinks because he is half black he is supposed to say something. He should have remained silent. It is a local matter. It is the people of Ferguson's problem. The whole god damn world does not need to weigh in with there opinion. Everyone from Rosie O'Donnell to Ted Nugent mouthing off like it somehow is there business. That is part of what's wrong with the world. We don't mind our own business like we should. We think we are entitled to get involved in everyone's affairs and we aren't. If you don't live in Ferguson, why do you care?

the rat