Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Time for Native Born Americans to demand some respect!

I should be tired of talking about this but this primary care doctor has yanked my chain and I am afraid he is going to get the whole dog.  He made several critical mistakes not the least of which is allowing the documentation to show it clearly. I am going after him. Do I care about protecting the public from this hack, no, not really. This is vengeance plain and simple. I am filing a complaint with the state medical board, the hospital, medicare fraud and waste. I am determined to take some of that prance and strut out of his step. I am also taking steps to have him removed from the board of directors at the hospital. Being the good profit oriented corporation that they are they will have no problem throwing him under the bus so they can walk away clear.

Some might say their is money to be made here. Perhaps, but I don't care about that. I don't care where you come from but when you get to the United States and start enjoying the good life have the decency to work on your thick accent and learn to enunciate your words so you can make yourself understood. I could list all the critical mistakes he made but I won't go into details. He put my wife's life at risk on more than one issue and I don't forget and I don't forgive.

I am disgusted that thanks to the greed of capitalism which is the National Religion of the United States English speaking Americans can't afford to go to medical school and our hospitals are full of these middle eastern and oriental, shopping mall medical school graduates. I am prejudice! There I said it. I don't like the prevailing attitude of these fuckers and I am not enough of a left leaning liberal idiot who tolerates every damn thing and wants to live in denial about the ugly truth.

I am sick and tired of all the white people I know being treated like ignorant hillbillies who are too stupid to know when they are being fed a bit heaping bowl of bullshit while the "immigrants" come here and look down their noses at us native born Americans. I am not going to sit back and take it from these fuckers anymore! Especially some board certified "family practice" physician who thinks he knows more than the specialists.

The Mrs. Had a good day, I went and got her meds and she rested quite a bit and is feeling a little better. Had a good appetite and enjoyed her evening shows on TV. I am going to quit talking about this now. It has taken up the whole month and I am burned out talking about it.


the rat