Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Hump Day Thoughts!

Well, so much for story time. I lost one follower and gained another. Goodbye to the one and Welcome to the other. The followers list continues to become more refined. I want people who think, are open to discussion and can remain civil. To much to ask, for some apparently!

I remain a pessimist. The candy coated reality that some embrace is like being in a carpeted jail with curtains covering the bars. You can pretend everything is nice while hopelessly trapped by the prison of conventional thought. Reality is not for everyone, just the survivors. When and if some great catastrophe occurs it will be the realistic people who ultimately prevail. Those who have fantasies about playing Rambo or Mad Max will discover that reality bears no resemblance to television and the movies.

But this blog is not for them anyway. This blog is for people who have taken the red pill, woke up to the truth, and are now trying to make sense of it all . Besides, as we approach the anniversary date of August 8th, the internal debate continues as to remaining, cutting back and closing down. So far cutting back is out in front. When the weather permits, I'd rather be outside doing something or taking the Mrs. out to dinner.

Ah! the sweet sound of the Mrs. giggling at something on the television coming from the other room. It makes me smile to myself. After the bad experiences I have shared with you, it should come as no surprise that my love for the Mrs. is the center piece of my life. She rescued me from a bad place, made me want to be a better man, helped me to heal, and loved me! I am indeed a very lucky man! We have been together almost 25 years, married almost 24 so far. Best years of my life to be sure.

It is time to go stock back up on provisions. Can goods are running low and such. Fill the freezer back up and get ready for fall when the snow birds return and shopping becomes a pain in the butt and parking becomes a nightmare. Can't get an appointment to see your own doctor in the winter time. Population doubles. Traffic! I like to go to the State Park in the winter for some peace and quiet. Just 5 miles down the road from my place.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger! My First Divorce!

I have trained myself to always expect the worst. That way when things go wrong like they do I am not crushed by defeat like most optimists. Optimists get post traumatic stress disorder. People who live in a fantasy state where most people are good and there is fair play. When they are exposed to the raw stench of reality it is to much for many of them to deal with.

Pessimists like myself expect the worst, are not surprised by betrayal and deceit. We expect the worst behavior possible from people and are rarely surprised. People who have the "perfect" marriage and come home to find another man humping away at their wife are crushed emotionally. The cheating whore not only betrayed your trust, disrespected your marriage but she is going to blame you for her actions with the time honored "you drove me to it!" "you were gone working and I got lonely".

Of course the fact that you were out busting your ass, eating diner food and living in cheap accommodations so you could provide a good living for your family is somehow lost in all the finger pointing and recriminations that follow the discovery of her infidelity! She actually convinces the kids that it was all your fault. Whores are excellent liars.

Then of course the lying whore wants huge child support payments so you have to practically live in a cardboard box or sleep in your car in order to come up with that money every month. You live like a bum until the last child turns 18. Of course, most of the money goes to her clothes , shoes and car while your kids grow up eating Mac and cheese and bologna and wearing clothes from the thrift store.

It's been almost 30 years and I occasionally check to see if the whore is dead. I genuinely look forward to the day I can read her obituary and if there is any fairness at all to be had in the Universe hopefully she lingered for quite away and suffered a great deal. I loved her and she not only killed those feelings but she killed a part of me I have never been able to get back. But hey, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!

the rat

Don't let some sorry son of a bitch sneak up on you

47 years ago when I left the hills of West Virginia to serve in the military I was greener than grass! Wet behind the ears is an understatement. I had grown up in West Virginia, besides drinking to much and cheating on their wives people in West Virginia were pretty straight forward. I didn't know about child molesters or whores or dope fiends or homosexuals. Never heard tell of such.

It took me until I was damn near 40 to realize that most people lie their asses off, cheat every chance they get, steal everything that ain't nailed down, and basically ain't worth the 22LR it would take to rid the world of them. First time I got robbed I couldn't believe it. I been robbed twice in my life, both times the thief was black. Coincidence? maybe. When I was 15 I got beat up real bad by a kid bigger and older than me. He was black . Coincidence?

Well, nobody has to draw me a picture. I catch on pretty fast. I got real good at fighting. I keep careful track of my stuff. I have good locks and I use them. I am AWARE. Situational awareness is a basic survival skill. Don't let some sorry son of a bitch sneak up on you and get the drop on you! Pay attention. Some people say I am cynical and have a bad attitude and a poor outlook. I say I live in a jungle where there are only two kinds of people, predators and the nice folks they prey upon. I will not be preyed upon!

Everyday practically you hear about some poor person getting mugged, beat up , killed, robbed , raped or assaulted in some other way. I ask myself. What were they doing there alone, unarmed at that time of night? Why are pretty young girls allowed to walk home alone? It is a dangerous world out there and the really bad stuff happens after dark. How bad does it have to get for you to wake up and accept reality. Those young girls found murdered and raped didn't have a guardian angel looking out for them. They died a horrible death alone. NO one heard their cries for help.

I have lived almost 67 years and have never carried a gun. Never saw the need to have one. If you practice situational awareness you won't be in situations that require one. If you do decide to carry one, make sure you know how to use it proficiently and most important of all, weigh all the philosophical and religious questions ahead of time so you know when you leave the house, you are prepared mentally to kill. Otherwise don't carry a weapon.

be safe!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Can't beat them, loan them money.

It is not my intention to be angry or militant, merely realistic. The fantasy world that most people live in is a giant delusion, created by television and the media, movies and music. If we can't be controlled with guilt, the manipulators will switch to fear. Whatever is required to keep the blindfold tightly in place.

It worked before and it is working again!

Awareness of the reality of things might be disturbing but it is necessary if we intend to do anything about our situation. Here in America, my area of concern, I have to ask how much longer the conservatives and the liberals are going to continue to blame each other for all the countries problems while we continue to spiral downward towards anarchy and our once Great Nation disappears forever. Politics is theater. Those of you who are old enough will remember the old cowboy movies. The good guys wore white hats and the bad guys wore black hats and good always triumphed in the end. In the real world, evil wins the majority of the time and the bad guys wear suits and carry briefcases.

Our country is being bled dry .The bankers rob us with never ending interest, the corrupt officials in our government continue to pass trade laws that benefit the rich at the expense of the worker, and the worker is taxed to death while the rich enjoy record profits. This is not fantasy. This is truth! Our money supply is in the hands of foreign banks. They reduce the available currency they cause a recession, they increase the available money and they cause rampant inflation. They can cause shortages or surpluses, bankrupt certain industries while promoting others, bring about wars to create new revenue streams.

Jewish Banker

Always remember that there are two ways to conquer a Nation. War and Debt. If you can't defeat them in battle, loan them money and eventually they will become slaves! This blog will not promote fantasy and  sugarcoat the lies.

The Rat

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Let's see how many followers I lose with this post.

There was a time not so long ago when I tried to be respectful of other people's beliefs regardless of how asinine I thought they were. In spite of this, just expressing my own personal lack of belief was enough for the crazy fanatics to come out of the wood work wanting to burn torches, carry pitch forks and accuse me of heresy anyway.

Well, the new and improved Mohaverat's Two cents Worth no longer gives a  shit about political correctness, hurt feelings, or other peoples sensitivities. In other words, fuck it! Your religion is bullshit, it makes you weak, it enslaves you, it controls you through guilt and fear of condemnation and promises of a better afterlife. A loving god who will put you in hell forever is a psychopath god. If such a god were to exist I think I would tell him to fuck off as my final act of rebellion. In fact if a god exists at all, he needs to apologize to all of us for his lack of response to our millions of prayers while we watched our family members rot away and die from cancer. Get blown to bits in savage wars, starve on the streets or die from exposure because the millionaire business owner wanted another jet or summer house.

I indict god for crimes against humanity! Don't claim to be fucking loving and then go off on vacation some where and leave us "Home alone". We needed some help down here and you were no where to be found. I don't agree with all that philosophical bullshit about "walking in the newness of life" "being born again" "accepting a propitiatory sacrifice for sins" ..Mumbo Jumbo bound in a leather binder with gold leaf edging. A good book to have if you run out of rolling papers!

If we can't be nice to each other without having the threat of hell hanging over our heads then we are some savage beasts for sure. But quit fooling yourself, embracing some candy coated dogma doesn't change you deep down. It just makes you a bigger hypocrite then you were while you fool yourself into thinking you have "been washed clean". You are what you are, what your DNA made you and nothing is going to change that. Grow up! and be what you were supposed to be before all the mind fucking nonsense was introduced to you!

Let's see how many followers I lose with this post.

The Rat