Monday, April 21, 2014

Filled with fear and trepidation!

Today I am going to the dentist. I have put it off long enough. The pain is getting worse. I am starting to get damn short tempered. I need the pain to go away.  pull the damn thing out ! make it quit hurting.

I survived 2 divorces. I survived the Vietnam war. I survived 30 years of biker bars and truck stop parking lots, county jail cells, explosions, fires, electrical shocks, falls, damn near drowned,  been real sick,  bad weather, cutting timber,  every sort of asshole  and a million miles of two lane highways. I have been hit, stabbed, thrown, bitten, scratched, burned, and stung. I have crushed vertebrae, torn ligaments and tendons, broken more bones than I care to count.I am still here!  Mrs Rat scares me a little bit. But out of all the things I have survived in life the thing that scares me the most is:

The Dentist!

Will post later if I'm able!

the rat