Sunday, July 27, 2014

blowjobs and the American Flag?

Here is a graphic I posted on the Fourth of July than one of my "former" readers found offensive! Apparently I was disrespecting my wife and all women everywhere with this picture. The individual who found this offensive and made such a stink about it is Linda over at Practical Parsimony.

Today a dear friend of mine posted this cartoon for laughs and the same Linda at Practical Parsimony thought this image was funny! Now I am confused. 

Skinny blondes holding the flag is disrespectful to women but this Gnome woman sucking gnome cock is funny! Would someone please explain this to me. Why is the skinny girl with the American flag disrespectful to women but the second picture is funny? I have arrived at the following conclusions from this:

1. The American flag is offensive to some people.

2. Skinny blondes are offensive to some people.

3. Blowjobs being performed by Garden Gnomes is not only acceptable but funny!

4. Anything I post is offensive to some people ( mostly dried up , man hating crones) because I am a MAN and have a PENIS!

5. If you have a VAGINA anything you post is funny and acceptable.

6. Or it could just be that Linda is unpatriotic, hates skinny  women  but likes blowjob/cartoons! I did notice the gnome woman is kind of chunky!  Maybe if the gnome woman was skinny, Linda would be offended again! I don't get it??????

Do you hate two faced hypocrites as much as I do?  

the rat

PS For the record Mrs. Rat was not offended by either post and thought the gnome picture was funny too!