Saturday, December 20, 2014

Last post of 2014

I have decided to take the rest of the year off from blogging. This is the last post of 2014. I wish everyone the very best. See you next year. (Maybe)

Best Wishes from Mohave and Mrs. Rat..........................

Friday, December 19, 2014

Lost a follower! Was it something I said?

My Rant drove off one of my regular readers, don't know for sure what it was I said that was more than she could handle but it made me sad. One slip up and people leave without giving a reason. I am a human being. I get tired, frustrated, angry, disgusted,  laugh out loud and occasionally cry. I am not some zombie who is always smiling and in a good mood!

It's Christmas time and I don't have any contact with my remaining children! Just what kind of mood do you expect me to be in? I have no family get together to look forward too, no grandchildren running around the house excited about Santa Claus. I live here with my wife who is in poor health and we try to take care of each other the best we can.

I wake up groggy from the pain pills I take everyday. I am always hurting and trying real hard to not bring it up very often but I get mad and post a rant and some pathetic soul gets their precious feelings hurt and goes away. No understanding, no tolerance, just judgment! Typical of why I consider quitting this blog damn near every time I write something. Some fragile person will get their feelings hurt or some fanatic will get offended and want to argue. Sigh!............

I wish I could post nothing but nature pictures or pictures of food like some of the ladies do! I post shop projects and some local things but occasionally I want to share my feelings and vent my frustration and then's when I get into trouble.  Can't have an opinion without pissing someone off or crushing someone's fantasy of how the world actually is:

Sorry if I am not living up to your expectations . Most of the adults didn't take offense at my post. Why did you?

later ,

the rat

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Peace on Earth~Good Will Toward Men? Warning! RANT!!!!!!

I don't care how much eggnog I drink or how often they show "It's a Wonderful Life" on the television I can't stop thinking about the children who died in Pakistan at the hands of the Taliban. The beheadings on YouTube, the images of burning American flags, the war in Afghanistan, and the recent controversy over a stupid movie about North Korea which prompted "9-11" type threats!

The War in Afghanistan is: 13 Years, 2 Months, 1 week, and 4 days old! and it ain't over yet!  2,347 American Deaths!

Peace on Earth- My Ass! I want to go kill some fanatics. Blow them up! burn them! Grind them up in a wood chipper and feed their remains to the pigs as a reminder that good people have their limits and when you push a peaceful man to far you get the thunder called down on you! Universal peace sounds good when liberal hippy type folks talk about it. A world full of bunny rabbits and jelly beans, all pink and squeaky clean. But the reality is a world full of rape and incest and child molesting and greed, slavery,  murder and genocide and religious fanaticism and racial bigotry on both sides. On and On and On ! For every nice person in the world there are a 10,000 assholes! who want to hurt and take and torture!

They need to die. Their fanatic children need to die! They need to be eliminated from the earth entirely! No rehabilitation nonsense. No re-education. No diplomacy. Kill them! I don't want to  hug them I want to kill them! I don't want to be their friend! I don't want to seek common ground or come to an understanding I want them to die! Once and for all. No more expecting a miracle where they suddenly wake up and want to be reasonable. No long drawn out wars for maximizing profits. Kill them quick, brutally and in large numbers! No half ass apology for our violence, you been begging for it and now you are going to get it! If every time an American flag was burned we bombed a city into oblivion, wouldn't take long for that shit to quit!

Let's fly over ISIS controlled territory and give those bastards some Christmas presents. Make all the occupied territory look black from space. Scorched black. Sand so hot it turns to black glass! Quit all that turn the other cheek bullshit and show once and for all our true colors. Natural Born Killers! If we would just quit pussy footing around and throw down we could put an end to this. Stack all your weapons in a pile and give up and we won't nuke you into the next world! Next American head that gets cut off, blow up Mecca! Boom! Gone! How's that grab you m*ther f*cker!!!! None of that whiny ass- well not all Muslims are fanatics- I don't care! Religion is the root cause of all the pain and suffering on earth! Islam and Christianity and all the others! One group of people wanting to tell another group of people how to live and fighting them if they disagree!

Peace on Earth! Good Luck with That.

the rat