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Monday, June 25, 2012

Review of Troybilt Generator

In response to the latest power outage in my neighbor hood I decided to get a new generator for the house. In case I sell my motorhome in the future I will already have a generator to take the place of the motorhome Onan 6500.

I purchased a XP 7000 Troybilt portable Generator from Lowes .

7000 Running Watts Portable Generator
  • New Extend-a-Panel with intuitive display is equipped with key engine-maintenance reminders, and overload security warnings for added user safety plus five 120-volt, 20-amp household outlets
  • 25' cord set provides extra reach to power remote items
  • Electric start for fast, effortless starting
  • Folding handle design engages an automatic lock when the handle is lifted, and an additional pin secures the frame for easier maneuverability
  • 7000 running watts - 10500 starting watts
  • 8.5-gallon metal fuel tank with fuel gauge provides up to an 11 hour run-time at 50% load
  • PowerSurge alternator produces up to 25% more surge wattage to start large motor-driven appliances and tools simultaneously
  • For outdoor operation ONLY, batteries not included for Extend-a-Panel
It is about as loud as a washing machine at 78 decibels.

I did discover I can't handle a five gallon gas can for pouring. Not enough arm strength left to stand and hold 35 lbs of flammable liquid while it pores out one of those newfangled spouts. Can transfer to smaller can or siphon ball it. Fired it up and plugged in a few things. didn't load it down enough to change the rpms. Readout on front of unit said I was using 14% of available power and I had damn near my whole shop plugged into it!

Now what I have always done with a generator is run it for 2-3 hours per day. during that time I recharge my batteries , 4 6 volt golf cart hooked up in series/ parallel to give me one 400+ ah rating. That provides me with a fan for cooling at night and light and tv for a few hours. While the generator is on I microwave anything we need for supper. You don't need a/c. But it would run a couple if you really insisted. I find that shade and a breeze is all you need to survive a 110 degree day as long as you drink lots of water and don't try to dig any ditches between noon and 5 o'clock.

Around here you can recharge the batteries with 150 watts of solar panels at about 8.5 amps on a good day. I haven't taken the panels off the motorhome yet, but will when the weather cools down.I may just buy a new set of panels since the prices have gone down quite a bit. 180 watts for around 800 dollars.A little less?

back to the generator. the wheels will not hold up long if you insist on dragging it over rough terrain but if you have it set up where you want it, that is not an issue. At 170 lbs. I wouldn't try and load and unload it from a bed of a pickup very often. I really don't consider this a portable unit. If you want to get fancy and hook it up with a transfer switch to your house, the kit is available to do that and this will run a ten circuit switch box.For the price $899.00 Minus military 10% discount it is a lot of generator for the money and I would recommend it to anyone. It is a little louder than a Honda, but Briggs and Stratton is built in the United States of America. That is important to me.

Great generator, well built right here in America. good for emergencies or cabin in the desert or woods or wherever your bugout location is. If the sound is an issue, you could change out the muffler for something quieter like an exhaust off a VW from a junk yard. Hell, you know what to do!

I'll shut up now!

the rat

 I would like to give a big Mohave Rat welcome to our latest friends. First welcome Sergeant D who has a way better blog than mine (damn it ) over at Sergeant D. Mr. BrianS and Ms Alyssa Mckendry .Late arrivals CW Swanson who can be found at daily timewaster and my friend Msgt. Jim, retired Air Force. Welcome one and all.


  1. Outstanding review rat. I just wish I had a place right now to get one.

    1. One point in my life I used to sleep under my pickup truck! the warmth from the engine/tranny kept me warm most of the night. I could stretch out and not get cramps. finally bought a used camper shell and felt like a home owner. been there son. the rat

    2. Great review,We live in New Jersey and have just had our power come back on after 10 days post-Sandy.I have a 4kw briggs and stratton xl4000 i coverted to run natural gas and it worked like a dream just a bit under powered so i ordered this unit already set up for natural gas.there is a 14 week wait but im looking forward to the next power out.thanks

  2. Thank you for completing a review on this generator. You've done the work for us, lol.... Hubby and I have been looking at a few generators. We will keep the XP7000 Troybuilt portable Generator in mind.

    1. Hi Sandy! it was more impressive in person then on the website. A little loud and damn heavy but all in all a whole lot of generator for the money.the rat

  3. I like the idea of installing a VW muffler on it.

    Good advice for preppers in more populated areas.

    I'll let you know how it turns out.

    1. you can get fancy and go to a muffler shop or a couple of plumbing nipples,a bellmouth fitting and a big clamp. the rat

  4. Good review even though it seems a little heavy for me. I can't lift 5 gallons of gasoline either with my bad back and the spout of my new can is worthless, I too had to transfer it to a small gas container to pour it.

    1. where there is a will,there is a way. good to hear from you MsB. the rat

  5. We had the smaller version in Indiana. The smaller one, you have to pull the cord to start it and I couldn't handle it. IF NOT FOR JOE, I'd be without heat in the winter since I don't have his strength. It had to be filled every 4 hours but could carry our entire house. Now that we're in Florida, we couldn't bring it because we're no allowed to have one in the 'village'. But then again, we don't have to worry about freezing to death. Just melting.

    1. I didn't ask my HOA if it was alright. OOPS! Forgot. I supposed during a power failure nobody will care. Besides, I DO NOT CARE! They will more than likely abandon their homes to go towards the light ha ha ha . Somebody got to stay home a guard the neighborhood. If they are mean about it I'll let the vandals steal all their stuff.HA HA HA HA HA. the rat