Friday, November 16, 2012


I haven't lived as long as I have without realizing that regardless of how big your ego is or how strong your convictions are, some things are beyond your control and You just have to accept it.

First an apology to the ladies for my excessive vulgarity and crudeness during the last 4 or 5 days worth of posts. When something fucking pisses me off.......well, you get the idea.

I am against fanaticism. I don't really care what it is the person is fanatical about. It is the act of being fanatical and not the subject matter that concerns me. The fanatic has abandoned reason to join a cause. He has surrendered his own common sense to be a "true believer". He no longer thinks, he follows. That is extremely dangerous and something to be concerned about.

I have made fun of the people who "prep" for economic collapse, meteor strikes, alien attacks etc. The good news is I don't think you have been wasting your time or your money. I think those preps will come in very handy indeed when society breaks down and man sheds the inhibitions that has kept him a functioning member of society and instead reverts to his true nature.

I think that due to the amount of rude, crude, vicious, fanatical behavior that has become so abundant and the fact that unity is no longer patriotic and there have been all these groups appear advocating their position only, and screw everybody else it won't take much. The malcontents may very well act as a self fulling prophecy. By incessantly protesting the government they may very well undermine it . The irony is they are protected by free speech. Some who lack humanity will become the enemy. Once restraint is lifted the crazies will surface.

I spent to much of my adult life shooting pool in biker bars and playing cards in smoke filled back rooms not to be able to read the signs. The atmosphere changes just seconds before the first punch is thrown or the first shot fired. Being able to sense it is oft times the difference between being a victim and growing into a charming old man like myself.

I would have liked to live in denial about this and just be the crazy old fart with a blog, but I have grown fond of some of you and thought you deserved my honest evaluation of our situation. Time to face the reality of life. People are divided into two categories. There are predators and prey. Some prey think they are predators because of some low self esteem issue and an adolescent need to prove themselves. They don't last long. Some predators live along side the prey and cause no problems. They choose to live peaceably.The predators who like to toy with their victims and torture them before the kill, like what they are and enjoy it. Laws were written for this type. Unfortunately, the law is breaking down and no longer protects the innocent with any degree of efficiency.The potential for real violence has now grown beyond the bully on the playground mentality. Some of these people are reverting back to savage. You can't reason with a savage.

Societal breakdown is a very real possibility. Too many people, not enough resources, corrupt or inept leaders, mass hysteria, hate mongers keeping everyone stirred up or distressed at the very least, are all bad signs. Look at the election and the week following,(please I have heard it all). Our country is split damn near down the middle. 51% to 47% is not United! Our strength is in our unity. We lose that and we become open to attack from without or within.

that's all I got for now,

the rat


  1. Well said. With a societal breakdown in the works I have made it a point to get to know my local Police department and the individuals therein. I am also the Provost marshall for AMVETS this gives me a large group of Veterans that look after each other. Not a bad beggining if SHTF. Not the best, but not bad.
    Know your neck of the woods, know your resources, and know your limitations.
    Be safe out there people, you are your own first responder.

    1. thanks for reading my blog Brian. Keep checking back, you never know what I will be ranting about. the rat

  2. I have so much to say, But let's have a happy Friday for now.

    1. whenever you're ready odie. send me an email. the rat

  3. I enjoy your comments Mr. Rat, even the one's when your potty mouth pretty much takes over. I've learned a few choice words from you to add to my own repertoire for those special occasions ... After all, isn't man the most infuriating species ... then, now and tomorrow.

    Thanks for being yourself and telling it from the heart - where it matters. I'm Kymber's sis just in case you're wondering who I am. I'm not a blogger but I do read some of her favourites.

    Take Care ... Helga :))

    1. genuine pleasure to have you write in Helga. Say hi! to kymber and jambaloney. the rat

  4. Heya Rat. Yeah, I feel the tension in the air myself. Main reason I stopped watching the news a few years back.Damn so-called "journalists" fanning the flames of discontent every time they open their mouths. Mainly watch DIY and Cooking shows now.
    But, still I prep. Always lived by "Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst". Got through a couple of divorces that way. Third divorce almost killed me and left me (literally) living in a tent in the woods....because I didn't prepare for that happening.
    I mainly prep now for several reasons...prices going up, I freakin' HATE going shopping (bless you Amazon and the internet...no more malls for me!), it's an enjoyable hobby and, maybe, someday my preps will be needed for whatever reason so my family can survive.
    Also, if my Darlin' Man ever dumps me, I now have a better tent, guns and ammo, food, and medical supplies to make it on my own.
    Still hoping for the best, though....

    1. I am Mrs. Rats fourth husband and we have been together 19 years! Sometimes things do finally work out. later, the rat


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