"There is a destiny that makes us brothers; none goes his way alone. All that we send into the lives of others comes back into our own."

Edwin Markham

~ Taught to me by my mother long ago...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

hell, maybe I'm wrong

I seem to be generating a lot of animosity with my cheerful outlook. Who would have thunk? I wake up every day glad to be an American. Glad to live in this great country. Glad to be alive. Glad Mrs. Rat is alive. Glad I'm not homeless. Glad I got plenty to eat. Glad to be free to go and do as I please.

I bought a new car 9 years ago and I have taken real good care of it. The a/c clutch wore out and burned up a belt and the electric window on the drivers side needed repaired but other than that it is still a great car. I figure on driving it a few more years. I have a 20 year old motorhome with less miles than my car and it is still in great shape. I have a nice place to live I bought for no money down with a VA Loan. I get a disabled exemption on the property taxes.

I live pretty good with my disability ck from the VA and just started drawing Social Security. I don't own a boat or vacation home and I don't need them. Mrs. Rat survived her strokes and heart condition and feels pretty good and the Insurance paid for all of it. I am glad about that too!

I look at the bright side. Life is good. I have been poor and I have been homeless and I have been alone with no one to love. I have suffered the soul crushing pain of losing a child. I have survived and I am grateful. I will comment no further on anyone elses problems. Think about those poor souls on the east coast trying not to freeze or starve who lost everything in the storm. What are you complaining about?

good nite everybody,

the rat