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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's Hump Day!

Well lets review shall we:

They are still finding victims from Hurricane Sandy.

People are still without power.

Italy is apparently going to sink . But global warming isn't real.

Ignorant fucktards from 20 states want to secede from the union.

Right now while you read this a child somewhere is being molested.

Right now while you read this a child is starving to death and won't live til morning.

Right now while you read this a woman is becoming a victim of domestic violence.

Somewhere in America an innocent runaway is about to enter prostitution .

Somewhere a young girl is putting her baby in a dumpster because she can't go home and face her religious fanatic, bible thumping, conservative parents with her shame bundled in her arms.

Somewhere tonight someone will take their own life because they don't think they can face the pain of another day.

All hell, forget all that! Let's go gun shopping and bad mouth our President and Country some more. Maybe stock up some more supplies for the revolution. Whine and Crybaby about our fucking freedoms.

the rat


  1. It can't be possible people are still suffering from hurricane Sandy, Bush isn't president anymore. I understand FEMA had to close shop for a few days because of the got to admit that is hilarious.

    1. Must be getting old. I don't see anything hilarious about people suffering.

  2. This should add a little perspective to our day....I know it does mine.


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