"As far as we know, man is the only animal that knows it is going to die. This has lead to all manner of delusions and fantasies"
~The Mohave Rat

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday, Big Whup!

Sometimes I wonder if the whole world got together while I was sleeping and decided to pull a practical joke on the old rat. What I see going on around can't be for real, can it? No really, you guys are just messing around right? Good One! You had me going! WTF!

It is like some twilight zone episode opening and I expect Rod Serling to step out of the bushes any second and say some cool twilight zone shit while puffing on his cigarette. Yep, people used to smoke on TV. One of the blogs that I no longer follow officially is still ranting about Obama! Hardcore malcontentedness ( I'm not sure that is an actual word but you get my meaning) Dude, Watch a little TV, catch a game, rent some porn, give it a rest.

I predict if some of these people don't get laid soon they will move to a cabin in the woods and start writing their manifesto. NUT BAG! I'm just saying. MY follower list is going back down again. People sneak off in the middle of the night like I won't notice. I won't mention anyone by name, unlike some blogs that mentioned me by name and then let all the pimply faced basement dwellers have a go at attempting to insult me. Fuck off. I care about as much about your opinion as a little shit ball trapped on one of my ass crack hairs that needs an extra swipe for the sake of hygiene.

It is hard to be optimistic and upbeat when surrounded by a world of bruised egos determined to drag you down and depress you to death with their incessant whining and complaining. But I am the MOHAVE RAT! and I  don't GIVE A FUCK! . I have a wonderful life, if it sucked I would not share the details on a blog, you pathetic -----Damn I can't think of a good word. Pathetic something that is for sure.

Seriously, give the Fox News a break for awhile. Watch cartoons, laugh a little. Go do something kinky. Strike a blow for your mental health. I wouldn't watch Fox News if they had naked girl on girl action with all those hot blond babes they clone in a vat in the back. Wait........(I Might ) Maybe they should put antidepressants in the bottled water for you people, sure as hell wouldn't hurt anything.

I am the Mohave Rat and I approve this message. ha h ah a hah ah ah ha ha


  1. Rat. . . seriously dude, ya gotta chill. I think this election is getting to YOU more than the rest of us. Lay it down. Dial it back a few notches, and start enjoying life again. Some people are freaking out. Others like me have moved on. Let the ones who left you disappear from your mind and don't let it bother you.

    Light up. Kick back. Think about midget cowboys riding pink flamingos.

    It works for me!

    1. Right on Sister! you're getting it.

    2. "midget cowboys riding pink flamingos" Wow, I want some of what you're on!

    3. We should have gotten married when we were younger. You would have been an excellent ex wife.

  2. But if we'd gotten married earlier, you wouldn't have lived long enough to say what kind of ex-wife I'd be. gotcha


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