Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A Wonderful Day

Today is the kind of day when I think about ignoring the internet entirely and just go back to living. I feel genuine sympathy for those lonely people who must post something every few hours to feel some connection to the world which has obviously left them behind. I for one am glad I don't measure my self esteem by how many visitors I get or my manhood by how many guns I own.

I ordinarily don't even blog about politics, seldom ever comment on someone elses blog or attempt to sway opinions that are carved in stone and brought down the mountain by Moses. I think America is just fine. Even if it was going down the drain there is nothing of any significance I could do about it. It is so sad to see how many folks seem to wake up each day grinding their teeth and feeling threatened and cheated and used. Hell of a poor way to live. Yet it has been suggested I am the one who needs antidepressants.

I have realized that no one is going to give up their cherished ignorant beliefs because of anything I say. Back during my working years I too paid taxes. A lot of taxes. I never got upset about it, I just felt like I was doing my part. I have gone so far as donating automobiles to charity in an effort to give back. I am fortunate to live in the United States of America.  I am not worried about the imaginary loss of my freedoms. I get up everyday and go where I want and do what I want and don't carry a hidden gun on my person to protect myself. I don't live in fear.

If I was going to offer some advice, which would be a waste of time, I would suggest you get away from the internet and the TV and go out and enjoy this great country instead of worrying about its constitution. Enjoy your freedom instead of sitting around worrying about losing it. For a bunch of devoted God fearing, Bible believing folks you sure don't have much faith in anything.

I still don't understand how you go from patriotic quotes from our founders to worrying about your loss of freedoms to your strong religious faith to your dirty jokes and soft porno pictures. Are you confused? Are you having a crisis of faith? Or perhaps you are just a two faced hypocrite? Just something to think about on this beautiful evening here in the greatest country on earth.

the rat