Friday, December 28, 2012

Trip to Wally World

Broke down and went to Walmart this afternoon, figured all the 50% OFF, crazy people would have come and gone by now. Wrong!, place was packed like nobody had ever seen a discount store before. All the remaining Xmas stuff was shoveled into the garden center and it reminded me of Beirut. One grenade shy of a  war zone.

Noticed than Valentines stuff is out already. Checked my cellphone and yep! it is Dec. 28th. Three days since Xmas. Swung by the Good Will store on the way back, no bargains to be had today. Gave a little girl who lost her quarter and was crying a dollar bill. Yeah, I know, nice. I have my moments. Got to be careful nowadays , somebody will accuse you of some vile shit. Wouldn't have done it if her momma wasn't standing right there.

Stopped at Dennys for iced tea and a chicken sandwich. Colder than heck today, Mrs. Rat had soup. Made it home without having to kill anybody. Oh, before I forget, Walmart sporting goods looked like the zombie apocalypse had happened. No guns, no ammo. One 22 and a think a 20 gauge. That was it.  No ammo so ball bats are cheaper. Did notice they are selling zombie targets. Does everybody know something I don't know. Zombies are fiction, aren't they? Now I know assholes are real, but zombies?

Here is the same Beth Hart video as yesterday. If you don't play it you are missing out. Sure can sing and pretty to look at. That's all I got for now. I didn't like yesterdays post. Didn't feel right. It's gone bye bye.

Be Safe,

the rat

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