Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Afternoon Stuff

First before I forget again, a big giant welcome to Dayton C. If you have a blog or something you want me to talk about my email is at the bottom of the page in the disclaimer. Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!

I don't know how long it will take me to forgive Mrs. Rat for suggesting we stop at Jack in the Box to eat. Well, o.k. she's forgiven. I don't know if all Jack in the Box joints have gone to hell or just the one in Bullhead City but damn, it was bad. Then I went to Good Will for senior day 25% off because I am a cheap bastard and realized my cane was no longer in the back seat!!!!!!! Lost another one!!!!! I really liked that one too! I guess I left it in a shopping cart somewhere. Can't shop without something to lean on and I don't drag out the walker for short stops so I blew off Good Will and went to go sit in the car.

I stopped at the Post Office for the weekly bad news, bills, death threats etc. and much to my surprise my medical alert bracelet was there. I ask the VA for one about 3 months ago since I take like 6 pills a day to stay alive and had forgot all about it. It is engraved with my name!! My real name, not Mohave or the rat!!!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha . Someday when my ex wives die I will tell you guys my real name but until then I am the rat.

Oh, Oh, OH! I also got an award letter from Social Security telling me how much and when my benefits will start! Yep, finally broke down and applied for retirement benefits. Figured I better get me some gravy for my biscuits before they washed the bowl. I am the first male member of my family to live long enough to get a retirement check. Don't know what I will do with all that money!!! ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. OH, wait I know. How about a  nice Ruger SR 1911. 8 + 1 reasons to leave the rat alone. ha ha ha ha ha ha .

Last stop the Laughlin weekly newsrag. Doesn't have any news but I like the Sudoku puzzle and the want ads. Another exciting day! Guess I'll go work the puzzle. Later,

the rat


  1. Mr. Rat, you should consider yourself one lucky fellow. Most people don't live long enough to collect their Social Security Benefits. No one in my family did.

    And if I may say, please keep away from those crappy Jack in the Box joints. I want to keep reading your blog for a long time to come. I'm a true fan !

    Take Care :))

    1. thank you! May I say you have wonderful taste ! ha ha ha ha ha the rat

  2. I remember when Jack in The Box first opened in my hometown (it was a year after we had the big celebration for the invention of dirt) and I tasted their food. Out of their lineup, I liked the Breakfast Jack, onion rings and their orange juice. Of course, after shooting pool and drinking beer at the titty bars, our fine pallets were not up to speed.

    We had to stop going after my cousin told the late night cashier: "This orange drink tastes like Jack pissed in it." I have the feeling he did and I avoided eating my food that night.

  3. I must say my old peoples breakfast from Dennys was a vast improvement over yesterday. Today I bought a replacement cane, $28.00 bucks! Got a Art Bell book from Good Will and got my haircut. A # 2 all over my whole head, cut the ear hairs, nose hairs and trim the eyebrows. $5.00 bucks + tip. Last great deal left in America.


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