In order to avoid any misunderstandings let me make a statement right now. I am an atheist. That simply means I don't believe in a higher power ( a god) of any kind. I think religion is the root cause of most of the problems on earth. I think most religious people are delusional. Don't be surprised if this occasionally comes up in conversation. I don't think you or your beliefs deserve special treatment because you choose to embrace a popular and comforting myth.

Monday, January 28, 2013

common sense

Sometimes I wonder why I continue to blog. Is it to entertain, seek validation of my opinions, sway public opinion, vent my frustrations, feed my ego? To be honest, I don't know. There is always someone waiting to correct me, or tell me a better way, or tell me about what they got that is so much better, to bolster their own self-esteem by making me feel small. I have to question why I bother.

I am an old man. I am crippled up and arthritic. I am not going to the range twice a week. I will continue in the misguided belief that if I cut lose on your ass with my 12 gauge you will regret the decision to mess with me. If it turns out I am wrong then I guess I will die. EVERYBODY DOES! I don't care how much you prep, you are going to die. Life is a sexually transmitted disease and is terminal.  It is only a matter of when.

I have a big generator and a supply of gas for power outages. I have solar panels and golf cart batteries in my motorhome. I like to have a lot of food on hand. Not because I am afraid of societal breakdown, I hate grocery shopping! I don't live in fear of a god damn thing. What good would it do?

Having said that, not being vigilant and complacent about your own security is foolish. Trusting in someone or something else to take care of you is risky. Be aware but don't let it make you paranoid.

I also don't live with the misguided notion that I can magically heal an ignorant moron with the miracle of my words. I am not a dumbass whisperer. Our country is progressing. That means getting better. Progress is not a dirty word. Learning is way better than staying ignorant. We send our kids to school but we don't want them to grow and learn. Make up your mind!

The economy is not rocket science. Poor and middle class people can't afford to pay much more. If you are not going to make the rich pay what they could afford to pay , like they used to, then you are going to have to borrow the difference. The economy was fine when we taxed the fuck out of the very rich.

We are still the greatest country the world has ever known and getting better every day. We make huge mistakes, we have a form of government where half stand in the way of the other half getting anything done and still manage to get the job done. We are not going broke. We can't go back to 1950. We have twice as many people now.The government has grown along side the population. duh!

A little less whining and a little reading and learning the truth would be nice. I have a wonderful life and I love my country and I think the government is doing a fine job considering the obstacles thrown in its way by the people afraid of progress.

You can't fix homicidal maniacs with more laws. Yes, there are a lot of people taking advantage, but there are millions of old people and children who are just trying to get by. You can't fix the economy worrying about abortion or gay rights. You can't get elected to anything pissing off every woman, gay, minority, and the poor every time you open your mouth.  Just common sense.

all for now,

the rat

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  1. You may not know it but you make a hell of a lot of sense...



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