Tuesday, January 15, 2013

More Good News!

According to a report I just read the scientists have set the hands on the doomsday clock to 5 minutes til for 2013. Doesn't everyone feel better knowing this? Gosh, I sure do! ha ha ha ha ha

Hottest year on record, freak storms (sandy), warmer in Pittsburgh than it is in Las Vegas. WTF! Now I realize that some of this stuff comes in cycles like the earth breathing in and out but I have seen it go from bad to worse a lot in the last 60 years or so. Hottest year on record sounds pretty bad to me. I already live where it is hot.

This brings me to preps. I intend to get my roof coated with a reflective roof coating this spring which will help reflect the heat and save me on the A/C bill. I am also having the rest of my windows tinted with UV coating like my house is wearing sunglasses. I am also planning on adding some more shade here and there. My neighbors open all their blinds and let the heat gain build up in their house all day and spend a fortune trying to keep it cooled down. I suggest if natural light is that big an issue with you , you might be happier someplace besides the frigging mohave desert.

It will be back up in the 70's next week. No guarantee they will stay but 70's in January! I love it now but I will be complaining when it hits 120 degrees in July, and I am used to it! I own lots of fans and 2 evap coolers and an extra portable a/c unit in addition to the whole house a/c. Sometimes a fan is the difference between being comfortable and being hot. My heating bill by the way was $42 dollars in January.

I guess what I am saying today is this. It ain't all about food and ammo. Staying cool or warm and always dry is important too. Insulation is cheap. Caulking is cheap. Maintenance is always cheaper than repairs. Just my two cents worth.

the rat


  1. I spoke to a friend in Pahrump, NV yesterday morning. He reported the temp. at 13. That's cold for SW Nevada. I suggested to him that it's proof positive of a coming ice age.

  2. I used to stay in Pahrump when I traveled in my RV. It was damn cold the winter I stayed there. the rat


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