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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Look Up in the Sky! It's a bird, It's a Plane, It's Superman

When I was a kid this was Superman. Mr. George Reeves played Superman for 6 seasons and 104 episodes. From 1952-1954 the episodes were in black and white. From 1955-1958 they were color. I watched them all!

This is the Opening Sequence

Many kids across America mourned when it was announced that Mr. Reeves had been found dead at the age of 45. It was ruled a suicide but many believe that was not true. No gun shot residue was found on his hands.

I was sad when this man died. It was June 16th 1959. How many of you remember ?

the rat


  1. I don't remember, exactly, only because i wasn't alive at the time. I was born in 1963. I do remember still hearing a substantial amount about it. It was a real downer. I felt it, too. I regularly watched the re-runs when I was a kid.

    Yeah, personally, from what I've read, he was murdered. I think someone thought Reeves cheating on this other dude's wife. maybe I have that wrong. But it was definitely not an open and shut case and I would like to know the truth, tool

    Take care, Mohave Rat. I've enjoyed interacting with you between blogs. As you likely recall, I quit blogging, starting last night. If you should want to stay in contact, I'm on Facebook, Google+ and have email. Be well!

    1. kelly my friend, good luck with all your future endeavors. I'll be around. mohaverat @ gmail.com will always exist if you want to talk or whatever. bye for now. the rat