Saturday, February 9, 2013

Saturday Afternoon

Spent the afternoon fighting the gutters again. I love my palm tree but it sure fills up the gutter on the carport side of the house and then when we have one of our "its the end of the world" storms and we get like 3 inches of rain in half an hour and my shop floods.

I took off my shoes to gain access to my toes for doing higher math and calculated I didn't have sufficient downspout to handle the volume of water we get sometimes . Working on the solution to that currently.

Mrs. Rat made me a chicken dinner! I walked in to the dining room and almost starting having an event. Tingling and numbness in my left arm, the shock was almost to much. A big beautiful chicken dinner for Saturday! I would have thanked god if I believed in one. I am grateful to the universe for all my blessings however.

Mrs. Rat said she wants me to have the front porch closed in for a private place to sit and spy on the neighbors. I admit I like to do that too. If you talk so loud I can hear you clearly on my front porch then so be it. I commented to Mrs. Rat that the reason we get along so well is we are both old women! I like to gossip. I really enjoy spreading a good rumor and calculating the speed at which it makes it full circle around the neighborhood. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

My neighbors are dull. The new telephone books were delivered the other day and thrown on the driveway as usual. Mrs. Rat went out and got ours. The neighbors laid in his driveway for about three days! Glad it wasn't a snake. Must of drove over it a dozen times. Hard to believe some of the stuff I witness here.


the rat


  1. I will take my neighbors items like that up to the porch so it won't get wet. But the other day I held off because I knew this particular neighbor was home and just being lazy. Their paper (they only get Sunday's) turned into a mound of goo before it finally disappeared.

    1. The telephone books are sealed . I observe the world around me, I don't take responsibility for it.

  2. My neighbors, single mother, teen boy, and preteen girl would walk down the front walk and over the same McD cup all week long. It was amazing.

    1. Yes , indeed! It is amazing how alert some people are and to think they drive cars! Scary when you think about it.