Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My big accomplishment today

Well obviously no one cares to say anything about my post on Mr. Trump's childish behavior so I'll move on. There will be plenty of time during the next four years for those of you voted for him to consider the wisdom of your actions.

Haven't accomplished much this week. Stayed up late watching television and slept in a few times. Water the plants and feed the birds. That's about it. Exciting I know. Going out to eat Saturday for the anniversary. Maybe have a cocktail or three! Try our luck at the slot machines.

Ordered all my prescription refills. When they come they don't all fit in my mailbox and I get a key and have to go open a package box. Sucks but it beats dying.

Hump day ? My big accomplishment today will be going to the Post Office. Some of you sure are getting hit hard with winter storms.  Stay warm,

that's all I got for now.....I'll build up a head of steam and rant about something soon I suspect.

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