Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Women aren't equal to men. THEY ARE BETTER!

You all know I love women. I like to look at them, I like to listen to them talk. I like to watch them with children. They are delightful on a bad day. So, it shouldn't be surprising I am interested in current fashion. The current batch of designers need tarred and feathered and ran out of town.

Now I wasn't upset when mini skirts came out. But like everything else they just kept getting higher and higher until there was no point in wearing one. There is a happy medium somewhere between good taste and sexy. Look at my pin up pictures. Beautiful, sexy and still dressed! Perfect. in my opinion.

I noticed the other night on the Golden Globe awards that designers think dresses should plunge all the way down to the belly button! No No No No No. If a woman has nice sized breasts they look like they are about to fall out and if she is flat chested it clearly shows the whole world she is flat chested. Boobs are supposed to be admired underneath cloth or fabric of some kind. Like the good old days of "sweater puppies." On a cold day we are treated with a little erect nipple sticking out!

Women have a wonderful shape. Clothes are supposed to show that off. Not to the extreme, we still want them comfortable, but tucked in enough we can admire the hips. If designers want to make women gorgeous again they should bring back garter belts and hose with back seam stockings worn with moderately high heels. Grow some hair so you got something to work with. It never got any sexier than that in all of  history .

Marilyn Monroe didn't have to get naked to be beautiful. She stood over a grate so the air would blow up her dress and turned on every man in the world!  She didn't need to let her boobs hang out to get men's attention. Neither did Lana Turner or Rita Hayworth or any of the rest of the drop dead gorgeous women from the Golden Age of Hollywood.

Skinny girls or plump girls never compare yourself to others. Be whatever size girl you are and the real men will come around! Don't think you have to be a certain way to be admired and desired. Just be the woman you were meant to be. Your man is out there somewhere waiting for you to show up!

Finally, you don't have to go out and buy a smile. Start gradually acting more lady like and the men will respond. When women demanded to be equal, they stepped down off the pedestal we had them on for centuries and lost something important. Women aren't equal to men. THEY ARE BETTER! Men know this. That's why insecure men try and control women. Damn, do I got to teach you people everything!


  1. True, true and true! lol

    I always had to laugh at how Madonna used to be compared to Marilyn Monroe. Ha! Marilyn was so naturally gorgeous in my opinion.

    GREAT post, Mr. Rat!!!!

    1. thank you. I love sexy and flirtatious. I am disgusted by vulgar and lewd. It is so unnecessary in my view! Take Miss America pageants of recent years. Parading around in bikinis that don't fit,trying desperately to wiggle what isn't there! how sad. Isn't anyone giving these girls lessons on how to work it anymore? Ah Madonna. If you are only an average singer, act disgusting to make up the difference. At least Lady Ga Ga is talented. She doesn't need all the gimmicks. She was attractive till she started having musical instruments tattooed on her arms! Gaudy!