Saturday, February 25, 2017

A joke for Saturday-Not much of a joke.

 Blogging reminds me of that old joke about the guy who is beating his forehead against the wall and his friend walks up and asks him what the hell he is doing?

"Beating my head against this here wall" he answers.

"Why?" asks his friend.

"Because it feels so good when I quit!" he answers.

I was a way better antisocial hermit than I have been award winning world renown blogger! ha ha ha ha  I have managed to piss people off from the Ukraine to New Zealand at one time or another. New Zealand was a misunderstanding that I feel bad about and the guy in the Ukraine was a fucking asshole so maybe he shouldn't count.

I have pissed off people from the Alberta province of Canada to Florida.Once again some of that was a misunderstanding and in the case of Florida I was just flat ass in the wrong and I feel bad about that. I sent an email inquiring if they were alright and never received an answer.

I am trying to get my blogging life straightened out so when I do quit I can just turn it off and walk away and not have to look back or regret anything or feel like I forgot something. A lot of the people who I pissed off had it coming but not all. Some are incapable of forgiveness so I won't even try. Some would never admit they were wrong so why bother with them.

For those healthy well adjusted individuals who still read my blog and don't think badly of me, enjoy your weekend. I'll probably manage to make you mad if you hang around. I appear to have a real knack for it.


  1. You enjoy your weekend and give the Mrs a hug.
    Coffee is on

    1. thank you MsDora. You are an interesting lady. How's the ceramic shop coming along?

  2. Mohaverat:

    Thank you for the link to your blog. Even though I may very well be a "stupid" pipe smoking professor who is Catholic, I am glad you realized that I could not know anything about you, as I said, other than what you wrote on BBC's blog, because you have your profile hidden.

    I am very sincerely sorry about the deaths you have had to experience in regards to your daughter and son. No parent should have to experience that pain.

    I am glad to have been able to read some of your writings here, for they give quite a different perspective to your personality. I have found your writings here very interesting and enjoyable. If you are "okay" with it, I will plan to stop by again to continue to read and comment.

    Thank you,


    1. I have already apologized for my ad hominem attack. It was unfair and unnecessarily hostile. You were only trying to defend your friend and I should have respected that.Unlike some people I could name, I admit it when I'm wrong. You are more than welcome here anytime. It ordinarily lacks the vulgarity and crudeness you are obviously a fan of but on occasion I come down to that level for the sake of clarity! Your participation here is welcome.