Sunday, February 26, 2017

A lack of manners leads to Savagery.

I wish to expand on my earlier post. Having successfully completed Psych 101 for 3 credits does not qualify me to opine on human motivations.

Having survived 40 years of biker bars, smoke filled pool halls and other assorted dens of iniquity throughout my life has given me the ability to judge motivations and character when I can observe them in person. Figuring out what makes a person do what they do long distance is a talent I don't possess.

It is my opinion that people used to be "nicer". Whether or not their behavior was a facade or whether their behavior was genuine is not for me to judge. Hostility has gotten worse. Rude behavior has become more common place. Vulgarity has become acceptable. The lack of respect for our laws is growing as evidenced by the fact that sedition has become a patriotic act in the view of some.

Even the barbarians I associated with were nice to old people, treated children with kindness and had a certain decorum when dealing with "regular" people. Even whores were treated with politeness by the people I ran with. They are just trying to get by like everyone else and they are marketing the only product or skill they have of value.

I don't have a clue what brought about this age of rudeness. A lack of civility is obvious everywhere you look. Even our latest President doesn't manifest any social graces. Children are showing a gross lack of manners. If we don't instill values and respect in our children how long can civilization continue? What good is law if no one respects it? Where is human dignity?

Crude behavior doesn't translate to toughness. Samurai were polite and had good manners and were fierce fighters. Martial artists bow and show respect for the referee, their teacher, their art and each other before the match begins. They are polite and lethal.

It is perhaps to much to expect kindness from everyone we meet although that would certainly be nice. But common civility is required to maintain a society. Why aren't parents teaching their children to be respectful? Why are children growing up with less than acceptable manners? You can teach a child gun safety but you can't teach them which fork to use? Can't teach them to say please and thank you and pardon me?

I can become a savage easier than I care to admit when savagery is what the situation demands.But until that time comes I will continue to be polite if at all possible. I will respect the laws of the land. I will respect all women and I will revere our old folks. It isn't that hard and it makes a difference!

What do you think?


  1. Since you asked In my old world I was taught to respect all ladies no matter what. However in the last 15 years I have met many women that do not even hint at being ladies worthy of respect due to their actions. I still consider folks to be good until proven otherwise but there is a lot more non-ladies in the world now it seems to me

    1. Women don't have to qualify for my respect, they get it by virtue of being female. I do agree that their behavior has suffered in recent years and that makes civility challenging in some cases. I am glad I am living out the last 10 or 15 years(if I'm lucky). I don't feel like I belong in this world any longer. I woke up one day and everything had changed. I guess if you live long enough everyone eventually feels that way and my time has come. My values are not reflected by what I see around me.It makes me sad....

  2. Lack of manors & the general change in our society.. I'm inclined to blame it on the corporate media which is in all our lives. From before we could walk for most everyone born after 1960.

    "Normal" has changed greatly in the last 30 years. The change has been gradual but it is real.

    Then again I'm 64 & people my age have always had a "different' view of the younger generations!

    1. The contrast between children brought up correctly and those who weren't is like night and day. I occasionally run into a polite younger person who doesn't behave like a wild animal I have a glimmer of hope for humanity. I'll be 66 next month. My father would have killed me for the behavior I see everyday. thanks for commenting.