Friday, February 24, 2017

Be the human animal

Last year or maybe two years ago I got into a debate with a guy who has unwavering  faith in psychology. He thought you needed to go to grief seminars, pain management seminars, seminars to make you a better person, a better friend, a better lover! Hell, the list went on and on.

I'm not that smart I guess. I'm not intellectual enough to analyze all my feelings and categorize them, make a frigging chart, plot my emotional involvement and relationship intensity or intimacy dynamic any of the rest of that over glorified bullshit.

I get sad, I get happy. All on my own without any help from some analyst. He got mad because I ask him why he had to go to school to learn human feelings. Was he raised in a test tube or grown in a vat or did he only look human and he was actually just a visitor here on earth. An illegal alien! get it? ha ha ha ha ha

This poor bastard had to use 4 and 5 syllable words to "validate" his feelings. I don't know who he was trying to impress with his vocabulary but I felt sorry for the poor bastard. He was so afraid of the possibility that he might just be a plain old human being he denied his natural feelings in favor of these "store bought values".

If he would allow me to be his therapist for just one night I could fix him. Put him in a loin cloth, bare footed in the desert for 24 whole hours. Feel the heat, squint at the glare of the sun, thirst like you have never thirst before, be afraid of what might be crawling at your feet and after all that face the night when everything comes out to play and the wind makes music blowing across and through the sand dunes.

Hell, I'd build him a fire. He is not here for survival training , he is here for humanity training and it begins with "knowing yourself". Not the preconceived notion of who you think you are, the real you minus the mask that society has placed between you and reality.

I'd feed him a good meal. Meat and beans and rice. Warm bread with lots of melted butter. Good strong rich coffee with cream and sugar. If he is married or has a girl friend I would invite her to come out and sleep with him. I'd leave and give them privacy so they could enjoy the desert air in each others arms. The sky looks like you spilled diamonds on black velvet. The Milky Way is clearly visible.

You think by morning he would need a psychologist to tell him how to feel? Has humanity betrayed it's own DNA so badly we can no longer behave in a genuine manner. Our feelings are lost to us? We have to be told how to behave. When to laugh, when to cry. We are human beings , not robots.

I don't need anyone to teach me how to be human. I had parents for that. The rest I learned on my own. Trust your own instincts. Listen to that inner voice. Be the human animal you were meant to be.

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