Sunday, February 26, 2017

Disgusted on a Sunday

Blogging is a good hobby. You get to come into contact with all sorts of people all over the world. But it is an education too! You discover that some people lack the reading comprehension to clearly get your meaning (they are stupid!). You discover that there are people who read into your statements the meaning they want so they can complain about it. Some people just search the internet for opportunities to be offended.

The blogging world is a microcosm of the real world. You have the panhandler's, the bullies, the pseudo intellectuals, the used car salesman types, the con artists, preachers and teachers, Like any playground you have the bullies and the weak frightened kids and like a playground you have a lot of people who just want to play and be left alone.

I came here to find like minded people to have a nice conversation with and it has proven to be quite a quest! There are lots of people who are like minded, getting them to admit it on the other hand has proven a challenge.

I am not used to guarding my words, censoring my thoughts, spell checking my conscious before saying what's on my mind. 40 years ago when I first came out west, wet backs were good people. Friendly, hardworking. They were just trying to earn some money. I would have been opposed to a wall in the 70's. No need. But in the last 40 years or so they have become militant, self serving, lazy. They want all the benefits and none of the responsibilities and we need a wall 15 ft high with electricity! They are enemies of our country. Sorry, that's my opinion on that subject.

Blacks are going to whine about slavery for about another 500 years. There will always be the excuse that some "whitey" is trying to keep them down whether it is true or not. Once again blacks in the 70's were nice people for the most part. They were struggling to find their place in society. Some were fearful and remained segregated voluntarily others had faith that things would get better and stepped forward unashamedly to expect equal treatment.

Now 40 some years later the situation is worse now than it was then. To damned many troublemakers and instigators and "shit disturbers". The media doesn't help the situation concentrating on whatever they can find to sensationalize every little thing into a major crisis!

I'm sure the last 3 paragraphs has pissed off somebody! I am getting bored with all the hurt feelings over nothing. I didn't insult anyone. I just stated my opinion and if that hurts you somehow the problem isn't with me. Grow up! Why does my opinion matter that much to you anyway? You don't even know me.........


  1. To be honest, NOTHING you have said in this post has pissed me off. In fact, it describes how I have seen things for many many years now. If I may, (and I am not trying to start a political debate here or anything, but)as far as the "black" and racial issues go, I have seen Mr. Obama set us ALL back about 20-some years with the people he has supported who HATE whites (Rev. Sharpton ring a bell or two? As well as others he made no bones about just to get votes). Any and all of what was accomplished between the races is completely destroyed as far as I can see anyhow. So sad.

    Ok, sorry, I will shut up now ... LOL

    Have a great week!

    1. I agree completely. Our half black President made no secret of his loyalties from the start and it was divisive from day one.I am thankful that he didn't bring about a race war. The danger for such an event was real. People(including black people) need to take responsibility for their actions, quit playing the blame game, and instead of bitching all the time, get to work fixing what bothers them. If the boat is filling up with water, you don't bitch about the leak, you bail!

  2. I'm glad your blog is continuing! The world is a complicated place that only seems to be getting worse.
    I feel bad for my two and a half year old grandson. Someday he might wonder: "What the hell kind of a place are you sending me into?"
    A friend of mine wants to look the other way. He says that we screwed up the world and now it's time for our kids to do what they want with it.
    Anyway, you should be able to post what you like without being hassled.

    1. It may slow down to an intermittent post now and then but shall remain for the foreseeable future. I will post when I have something worthwhile to say or something that weighs on me I want to talk about.I won't be deliberately vulgar but I will not sugar coat my feelings either. look forward to your comments in the future.