Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I feel , I admit it.

 Well, might as well clear up a couple of other things while I do spring house cleaning here at the old Two Cents Worth.

I used to be an insensitive monster of  a person. I didn't care who I hurt. If I thought I had been wronged in someway or shown disrespect I would fly off the handle and do and say things I would later regret.

I've been to jail for my temper. Several times in fact. Thanks to Mrs. Rat coming into my life and slowly transforming me into a halfway decent human being I have these pesky feelings. When my son died of cancer I  cried quietly for over a week. I sat alone and just hurt!

Sometimes when I think about the tragedies in my life and I add the daily pain I live with I whine. I acknowledge it. I whine. I want sympathy once in awhile. Not much- just a little. I have become a real human being. I feel! Now some people think that makes me weak or less of a man. They need to hope they never have to deal with the old me.

You folks have yourself a great evening.


  1. No Feelings. No Man. Just meat of little value. I have publically cried on more than one occasion because I am a man. Twice over a name engraved in a wall.

    1. I got a folded flag at my house too! thanks for understanding Barney.


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