Wednesday, February 22, 2017

I'm just a man. Better than some, worse than others...

I wanted to write and thank everyone who took the time to comment and encourage me. I really appreciate it. I have made many mistakes dealing with people throughout my life. I have been guilty of not minding my own business on more than one occasion and I have ridiculed what some people need to believe in order to cope with the pain of life.

It was not my place to criticize anyone. Especially someone who I barely know from a blog. I have said repeatedly I feel bad about it and apologized. But fanatics don't forgive and never forget. They live in a state of constant hostility and anguish and have no choice but to lash out. They seek someone to blame and me and my big mouth provided the perfect candidate.

I am feeling like my old self after my colonoscopy. Be another week before the biopsy work is completed and I get a diagnosis. I'm pretty sure I'm fine. God (if he exists) obviously enjoys watching me suffer to much to provide me with a convenient case of  cancer! I will live with my nerve pain and arthritis pain for another 20 years. Haven't been humbled enough yet with the leg brace and mobility scooter. Hell, maybe I'll go blind next! ha ha ha Already have senior cataracts and macular degeneration. Takes forever for my eyes to adjust to the dark.

Growing old ain't for sissies!


  1. No it certainly isn't. I'm reminded every morning when I rise.

    1. some days getting out of bed and getting dressed is my biggest achievement of the day! good hearing from you Spud.


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