Thursday, February 23, 2017

macho macho man!

I used to be one of those tough "macho" type guys who loudly proclaimed I could handle anything thrown at me! What an idiot I was. The Universe (God?) has a way of teaching you real quick that you ain't as tough as you think you are.

You can be tough as nails and one fall, one lower back injury and you are walking around gritting your teeth and tearing up off and on the rest of your life. You get nerve damage and suddenly you feel like someone is holding a lit cigarette to your legs. It will wake you from a sound sleep. Sometimes you feel like you are wrapped real tight in ace bandages and they are cutting off your circulation.

I read about these old men  who are out jogging, riding bicycles, still making satisfying love to their wives and they talk like they are Supermen and nothing can get them down. Karma has a way of teaching you different. It might be a wreck or a disease or even a hardship like the loss of a loved one, but there is something waiting to put you on your knees. To break your spirit.

Once that happens you can begin to grow. Kindness is not weakness. Compassion comes from an open heart. A helping hand is better than a fist. What strength you have will be real strength not imagined. You will realize that when you hear a man brag about how tough he is, he just hasn't learned his lesson yet. You can fake being tough all the time or you can show real strength sometimes and your humanity the rest of the time.

Did Mohammad or Jesus or Buddha ever beat anyone up to prove how tough they were? Love is better than atomic power! Safer too!😀

I'm hungry! see you later........


  1. Extremely WISE words indeed! We may think that we control every aspect of our little lives, but the truth is, we don't.

    Another great post, Mr. Rat and thank you!!


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