Monday, February 27, 2017

Monday morning Yea! we woke up alive!

I used to have a follower who I thought was a friend who is in his 70's. He has written several very good articles on Buddhism in the past and I was under the impression that he was attempting to follow the tenets of that religion. His wife is a pagan of sorts and I am not familiar with her particular faith or tradition.

He is a liberal (open minded) fellow like most really intelligent people but his vitriol hatred of President Trump is uncharacteristically unsound to say the least. First: It is the duty of every citizen once the election is over to at least try and support the new regime. This person advocated rebellion! Not the actions of someone trying to follow the Buddha's teachings to say the least.

I to am a student of the dharma and a follower of the path of the elders-Theravada Buddhism. It is more a philosophy than it is a religion for me. The Buddha was a man like you and me and learned through great effort and trial and error some noble truths he shared with us. He taught mindfulness and that is the key to living in this world in peace and harmony.

If I were to call myself a Buddhist, I would have to say in all honesty that I am a lousy Buddhist so I refrain from using the label. The fact that my former friend can't break free from his obsession with politics just goes to show how clinging brings about discomfort and distress. He should be at peace and loving every minute of his remaining life but instead he insists on allowing the Presidential election to disrupt his harmony.

It is ego to think that our concern somehow makes any difference. There were Presidents people didn't like before we were born and there will be Presidents people don't like long after we are gone. This notion that the outcome of western civilization hinges on this one Presidency is foolishness.

If I live 3 more presidential terms I'll be lucky. I care but I am not concerned. Life goes on.....



  1. I went to a Buddhist service once in my life. It was nice. But living in small close minded community not much is offer in spiritual lines. I grumble enough.
    Hope you and the Mrs is having a good day.
    Coffee is on

    1. We are supposed to be free here in America. I find that is only true if you are like everyone else. If you are different in any way, your freedom is at risk. where do you live?

    2. I know what you mean. I am so ashamed to say the least to see my so-called wiccan "peers" actually hating on President Trump so badly that they are actually BRAGGING about casting black magick spells and such on him. Are you fucking kidding me??

      First of all, these "fake" wiccans as I refer to them are not following either the Wiccan Rede or The Threefold Law. The Wiccan Rede states HARM NONE ... period! I rest my case there.

      I can not tell you sick it makes me as a practicing wiccan and solitary priestess of 25 years to have these kinds of assholes making the rest of us look very very bad.

      That being said, I completely get where you are coming from Mr. Rat.

    3. It is a shame we can't visit. I could tell you about the time I met Anton LaVey and Isaac Bonewits! I have had an interesting life. The old ways are very real for me. I am not into "performance art". I am not out to impress anyone.

    4. Omg, are you serious ... spoke to them? God, I would love to hear all about that conversation!

    5. Anton was one of the most interesting people I have ever met. His range of knowledge and interests was amazing. He had a wonderful sense of humor and was a very charming fellow. Bonewits answered to Phillip back then. He too, had a craving for knowledge and wanted to know everything. I wish I could have developed friendships with these men but Vietnam got in the way of that.

  2. You can really only guide yourself, well at least try. Others have to walk the path they have been put on,sometimes by others..

    In my book trump is a 3rd party guy who snuck in when the Repubs screwed up. The Dems were able to push Saunders aside with a little help from the corporate media.

    I don't see why people are so worked up... He'll be gone in 4 years unless he impresses a lot of people, as it is he's doing what he said he'd do when he was running...

    Look at Jesse Ventura as Governor of Minnesota. A straight up guy but the entrenched professionals were able to get around him most of the time & the media was not his friend.
    That's what this presidency will look like, he's the only one who wants to drain the swamp everyone else in DC knows the swamp as home.
    He'll make noise, get bad press and give a fine distraction to (whoever they are) the people that are really running the nation.

    Cut your friend some slack, the movers & shakers are pulling the strings & he's a big part of the current distraction.

    1. To be honest I would have supported Bernie if he could have gotten the nomination. But hey, Trump won, long live Trump. He is trying to do what he said he would do and he is pissing a lot of people off in the process. Good for him! You are right about the people behind the curtain pulling the strings. They actually run the country/


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