Wednesday, March 1, 2017

4 paragraphs and a cartoon

Last week it was a 4 ft cable up my behind and this week a neurologist poking and prodding, zapping me with electricity and asking if I can feel it. He gets on my nerves! get it! ha ha ha ha

Friday I have to go to Las Vegas to see my neurologist. He is a new guy so half the appointment will be getting him familiar with my file! That's it for awhile. I have had enough trips to Vegas for doctor's appointments. 250 mile round trip for 15 minutes with a doctor doesn't make any sense to me. Especially when half the time they refer you to another doctor for another 250 mile round trip!

My eye glass exam will have to wait until April or so. I got stuff to do at home! They keep telling me I'm going blind but I still pass the eye thing at the DMV so how bad can it be? I'll wake up one day and have to feel my way to the bathroom and then I'll believe them.

I have been thinking about a philosophical post full of epistemological references and an obscure quote from Hegel about absolute idealism or the phenomenology of spirit but for now you get four paragraphs and a cartoon! ha ha ha ha ha



  1. I'm out of shape!!! Not sure what dock I would end up. Hope all goes well in Vegas.
    Coffee is on

    1. Yeah, a tune up isn't good enough, I need a complete rebuild! ha ha ha


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