Friday, March 17, 2017

A Dude who wasn't named Patrick?

This post is about a guy whose name wasn't Patrick who became the patron saint of Ireland but was never given sainthood and he isn't even Irish . His real name was Maewyn Succat. He was born in Roman/Britannia.

It is not a coincidence we celebrate his death! First he was a slave of pirates, worked as a shepherd, tried to escape and failed, was captured by the french, they got tired of him, sent him home to Britain where he completed his studies as a religious fanatic and then he returned to Ireland to seek his vengeance .

All you really need to know is he returned to Ireland where most people were Pagans or Druids and were Happy with their religious faith, and ruined the whole place with a large helping of Christian guilt!

His return was not well received and he struggled as he began spreading his cancerous dogma of guilt, condemnation and self righteousness to the happy pagans.

Somewhere during that period he got credit for chasing all the non existent snakes out of the country. Ireland has never had snakes?

If you want to know about shamrocks and wearing green and all that, ask Google.

Silly holiday if you ask me. An excuse to binge drink and act foolish. Please don't drink and drive. In addition to losing your own life, you could kill innocent people.


  1. I have an issue with celebration of lot of Christain holidays, which is taken from pagan like me.
    But I'm pround of my Irish hertigage (Northern) well came home and had a shot of good scotch.
    Hope all is well.

  2. I figure we are all human beings from the planet earth. I like the taste of bourbon!

  3. Well, I find the revelry of the day fun and enjoyable, admit I indulged a bit in some (non-green) beer, whiskey, and my beloved pipes and pipe tobacco yesterday. It was a very pleasant way to conclude what was a harsh and mind-crushing work week at the U. I am hoping next week is back up to snuff an it is just an average work week.

    1. I imagine these are difficult times to teach at a University. Hard to challenge young minds without hurting their precious feelings I would think. Hope next week is better.


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