Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Acceptance and Selling Out

I wrote a post about men proving themselves to other men and questioning their motives. This post deals with something else I don't like and have tried to avoid all my life. It is "going along with the crowd".

My father used to say "if everyone else jumped off a cliff would you?" meaning just because everyone around you is a certain way do you have to be that way too or can you form your own opinion and keep your integrity in the face of peer group pressure.

I have always been a stubborn cuss. I have never cared what anyone else thinks when it comes to forming my own opinion. Sure, I'll listen to others point of view, hear their arguments, weigh the evidence, fact check what they say but in the end I am not swayed by their opinion. My opinions are my own!

The world is rapidly becoming one large "herd". Easily driven to violence, easily made to panic, easily frightened and that is dangerous. That means "easy to control" and "easy to manipulate". No one stands against the "herd view" and has the moral courage to say "I disagree!"..

Take politics for example. You pick two candidates with opposing views and most political fanatics will support them to the death! Truth is somewhere in the middle of all that is common sense going to waste. Each candidate is driven to be as opposite of their opponent as they can be. This causes them to grow further apart as the campaign goes on. By the time the election takes place our system has created to radical fanatics whose views are unrealistic and unattainable.

That's why I liked Bernie Sanders. First he didn't mind being called a Socialist because he knew what he believed and stood behind it unapologetic. He believed the billionaires had bought the government. So what did America do? They elected a billionaire! What did that billionaire do? He put more billionaires in charge of various strategic departments of our government. The opposite of common sense in my opinion.

If a video surfaced of him molesting a child, his fanatic followers wouldn't believe it. They would make excuses for him like they are now. Strongly opinionated people seldom change their mind. They are not open to new information and will not sway once they pick a side to be one. I call this "stubborn ignorance".

Bertrand Russell was asked if he would die for his beliefs. His response was "of course not!, I might be wrong!" Even the Dalai Lama has stated that Buddhism must change if new knowledge proves something in Buddhism to be wrong. The Pope is trying to change the attitude of the Catholic church. But he is surrounded by fanatics as well who refuse to change or listen to reason.

Someday I fear we will have a nuclear war! It won't matter who was right after that.

Shakespeare said, "To thine own self be true" Damned good advice.


  1. For a change, I agree with all you said in this blog entry.

    1. don't worry about it to much. I'm sure you will disagree with my next post! ha ha ha ha ha


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