Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Handshakes-Binding contracts between men.

I have written posts about integrity and honesty and having the strength of conviction to disagree with the majority. I have written about manhood and self esteem.

The greatest compliment I can give another human being is "I trust you". I don't trust many people and for me to trust you, you must of exhibited some sterling traits of character consistently over a long period of time.

You only have to screw me over a little bit for my trust to be revoked and I can honestly say, You will never ever get it back a second time. Once you break faith we are done. If a man gives his word he either keeps it or dies trying to keep it. That is how I was raised and what I taught my four sons.

There are no excuses. None of this "something came up" or "I forgot". You say you are going to do something and we shake on it, I fully expect for it to be done no matter what..I keep my word. It is not a thing I give lightly. If I'm not sure I can do it, I won't promise I can. I won't give my word.There is a difference between "I'll do it" and "I'll try".

There are family members I wouldn't trust if you pointed a gun at my head. I have friends and military brothers I would trust with my life. They stand by their word no matter the consequences.

Now days the word "friend" is tossed about fairly easily. I  know a lot of people but I don't have many friends. The reason is: I trust my friends. Trust don't come easy to me.

In the military you are part of a  team. Your team. You ALWAYS got your team members back. You always back him. NO matter the cost or the odds. You are loyal to your team and it's members to the death. None of this "look at for number 1 " gutless chickenshit nonsense.

A handshake is all the contract you would ever need from me. Now  days you got to sign a contract a lawyer draws up so you can sue for breach of contract. If I fail to live up to what I agreed to, You can't sue me, I'll be dead!

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