Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Hump day report!

I am on day two of unraveling the mysteries of Windows 10 and I think it is going OK. It is interesting the amount of advertisements and "free" things trying to entice you to buy something that was included in the computer.

When I get comfortable with the new computer I will go back and delete all this so called free stuff and stream line it to my tastes somewhat. I don't need a baby sitter and don't want the computer asking me if I need god damned help all the time!

One more doctor this week and I can go back to work on the house. The Mrs. saw the heart device technician today and tomorrow is her pulmonologist. What the heck, it's an excuse to go out to eat. Weather is warm but we are supposed to have a couple of cool days and one last decent rain before spring seriously kicks into gear.

I am posting this from my new computer and the bigger screen sure is nice. I have to quit blaming my cable company for the lousy internet I had, it turns out the old Toshiba was to blame. Windows Vista to be more accurate. Anyway, happy hump day!


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