Thursday, March 2, 2017

I am tired of people not doing their job.

I have got to minimize the aggravation in my life. To much turmoil and drama. I'm retired, I shouldn't have this kind of stress.I'm getting to where when people don't return my calls I don't want to ever speak to them again! How rude!

When I call someone I don't want to leave my name and phone number and have them call me back, I want to speak to a human being right then. They call you when it is convenient for them, wake you up out of a sound sleep and expect you to be functional. I take pills. Lots of pills. I call when I'm functional.

I also only want to explain why I am calling one damned time. Not to 4 people while they try and figure out to pass the buck to! Put me in touch with the person I need to talk to, I'll explain my situation one time and I won't have to experience a spike in my blood pressure, ringing in my ears or a desire to kill a moron!

I am tired of people not doing their job. When I worked I did mine. I took pride in my work. Now days you can't find people who can answer the phone and take a frigging message without screwing it up.

be gone all day tomorrow, I'll check in when I get home.


  1. I sure can relate. I had a problem with my Cable/phone/internet bill last year and I'd call and they said it was fixed. I'd get another bill the next month and the over charge was still there. Call again that month and same thing, next bill still messed up. 3 months and 5 phone calls and it was finally fixed. Completely ridiculous.

    1. things were ran better before everything became computerized! there is a lot to be said for a pencil and a piece of paper!

  2. and if your lucky enough to speak to a human, there's a good chance that the person is in india.

    i hate to say it but, it's only gonna get worse.

    1. yeah, Can't get a white kid to do a hard job like answering the phone anymore. They all want 100k a year for playing with a laptop.


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