Tuesday, March 7, 2017

I'm a Man! Want to see my dirty pictures?

I don't understand why it is necessary for a man to prove to other men he is a man. All this dirty talk and raunchy pictures of women, day in and day out. I post an occasional picture of a good looking female, sometimes wrapped up in a flag or wearing a Santa's Helper costume at Xmas time but that's about it.

I don't mean to be vulgar but the last time I reached down inside my pants I felt evidence of my manhood! I don't need to prove my manhood to anyone and frankly I am suspicious of those who want to incessantly play "he-man" all the time. We get it, you are a bacon eating, Nascar loving, gun toting, hard working, macho Man with a capitol M and you drive a pickup truck equipped with a rifle rack!

My question is this: Who are you trying to convince?

A man takes care of his family. A man is respectful to females. A man doesn't need a stack of dirty magazines next to the bed because he has a real live flesh and blood woman in his bed who loves him and knows he is a man! As long as your woman knows what do you care what anyone else thinks? Is your ego that fragile you must constantly strut about with your chest puffed out and acting like a rooster?

The composers of the great classical pieces were men. The artists who painted the great works of art were men. When they were young they took piano lessons and liked to draw! All that "faggot shit" according to the so called "real" men. Well, just for the record, you "real men" disgust me. I think you are sad little men with pitiful self esteem and the only way you can feel good about yourselves is by ridiculing or bullying someone else.

If you are hanging around people you must constantly prove yourself to, perhaps it is time to get some new friends. It is a fact that most homophobes have secretly gay desires and are trying to conceal it with all this macho stuff.

I got some scantily clad females on a poster in my shop. But I don't need to post a bunch everyday on my blog to prove what a "man" I am. I lost my virginity before most of my readers were born. You children didn't invent sex. How the hell do you think you got here?

 My father was a man and he taught me to be one. I don't need to bully anybody to prove how tough I am. I don't need to be crude and vulgar, I was taught to respect women. I have nothing to prove to anyone.

What's your problem?

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