Monday, March 13, 2017

Monday Morning-Another glorious day in the desert.

Another VA appointment. This one here in town.  Pneumonia shot for over 65 yr old. Never need another one! Check my ears, temp, blood pressure, pulse etc. All systems A/OK. Need more drops to dissolve ear wax. Another pain in the butt er ear!

NO more appointments for awhile. Whew! yea! Colonoscopy results said "no cancer found". So I guess I'm good for another 65 years. They want me to come back in 3 years. Ha ha ha ha ha yeah right! Like that is going to happen! ha ha ha ha

Got to take Grayson the Wonder Cat in for a checkup. He plays more now than he used to so it looks like to me he is feeling better. Old boy sure is a hoot sometimes. He hears a noise in the middle of the night he comes and wakes me up to check it out! ha ha ha I'm laughing here but it ain't really funny.

Great weather, doctor crap done, time to work on the yard! The rain has brought lots of weeds this year. Already need to spray for ants. Need to do a rain gutter on my back awning. Lots of little projects to keep me busy.



  1. We're supposed to have a snow storm tonight but nothing yet. I can't drive for a few more months because of my last seizure so Lynette drove me to the dump to dispose of our garbage. Almost none of our neighbors pay for garbage disposal, so we don't either.
    We picked up some prescriptions and came home for some leftover pasta. Now we wait for the snow storm.

  2. It hit 92 degrees today and I had to turn on the A/C. Supposed to be hotter than normal for another week and by then it will start to warm up normally. Go Figure! Be careful and stay warm......

  3. Great news about your test results! And I am glad to hear that Grayson is playing ... that is always a good sign.

    BTW, your new profile pic is really cute ... it a good one!

    Take care Mr. Rat!!!!

    1. All my current photos make small children cry so I must use one of my old photos when I was still "cute".ha ha ha ha ha received a nice email from the elf man. It is nice when two human beings can have a serious conversation and share their feelings. Most people live behind an impenetrable wall built by fear.good hearing from you dear lady. I tried to comment and blogger ate it so I didn't try a second time that day.


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