Tuesday, March 21, 2017

new computer

I finally broke down and bought a new laptop. I ask the Mrs. who keeps track of everything I can't remember  when we got the other one and she said it was 2008! Yes, I was still running Windows Vista. I kept it up to date and defragged it regularly and all that stuff. Fixed the registry errors regularly and go almost 10 years out of it. Hell, it still works and I may just use it for the Mrs. games and reading my e-book collection.

I bought a Hewlett Packard from Sam's club. 1 TB hard drive and 8 gigs of Ram. 2 gig processor and Windows 10 home edition. It has a 17 inch screen which is quite a bit bigger than my Toshiba. As soon as I figure out where Windows 10 has hidden everything I think I will like it. The new processor is smoking fast. I have no idea what to do with a TB of hard drive. I never came close to filling up my old one.

Some of your websites look a lot better with a 17 inch screen! ha ha ha ha ha  I'll play with the new one all weekend I suspect. I got to take the Mrs. for her pace maker checkup. They hold the wand over her chest and ck the battery power and all that stuff. She is due for a new one in a couple of years. Something else to worry about. I worry about the Mrs . She is what made my hair turn gray! ha ha ha ha  I'll write more when I get a chance. Kind of busy right now.



  1. Fortunately, battery replacement is typically VERY easy and often only light anesthesia is usually required. So, it may not need to be as big a worry as it seems. I have had several relatives get there's replaced. So, I hope that idea is helpful.

    As far as the computer, I hope you have fun. If I were you I would leave the Vista machine behind for at least a month to force you to get more comfortable with 10. I currently hate 10, but I think it is mostly because I still have to use 7 (similar layout generally to Vista) at work. And, because I have to navigate BOTH every day, it feels like I am being forced to be bilingual ALL the time. If I could JUST use 10 ONLY for a month or two, I would finally feel comfortable with it, I suspect. As it is now, I get frustrated trying to do things in both systems every day.

    1. first: the wife's heart has improved over the last 5 years and she is what they refer to as not dependent on her device at this time. So swapping out the unit poses little risk since the biggest danger is usually taking to long to swap the leads over to the new one and activating it. We were relieved with this news.
      Second: I am pleased with the overall layout of the Windows 10 system but I am struck with how much commercialism is incorporated into the machine. It seems it is geared to a 20 year old who cares about social contacts and the latest toys. I will probably delete most of that stuff as soon as I am comfortable with the operating system.

      thank you so much for taking an interest and trying to alleviate our fears. The Mrs. will be fine when the time comes. My hair is almost snow white so the damage is already done! ha ha ha ha


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