Sunday, March 19, 2017

Sunday afternoon Post

Don't have much to say. I got the batteries out of the motor home without making my hernias any worse or hurting my back real bad. Of course, I haven't got them in the van yet. When I get to Sam's club hopefully if they want to sell me some new ones, they will do the heavy lifting.

I taught myself the chords for Hotel California this week on the guitar. I am working on the instrumental. Chord changes aren't to bad for my old arthritic fingers but hitting the individual notes is tough! You got to push down hard for a clear note!

Grayson's vet stopped by the house to drop off medicine they were out of when we were there. Can you imagine that! Came to the house and gave us an extra month's supply for free because we were inconvenienced! Damn good people. Country folks that keep their word. I wish the doctors for us humans cared that much.

My friend's cat passed away. I am sad. I know how that feels and I wish I could make her feel better but it will take time. When cats look in your eyes you know they are thinking, feeling souls. Losing one is almost as bad as losing a child. I know how that feels too! Life is hard and all we have is each other.

enjoy the rest of your day and don't forget to count your blessings,



  1. You play guitar?!? Makes me like you even more! Best wishes to you & yours Rat.

    1. Of course I play the guitar, I'm a hillbilly! ha ha ha I'm not good anymore, but I still enjoy it. 70's rock and some country.A little 12 bar blues.


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