Sunday, March 26, 2017

Talking to Pagans today!

Today's post will address my fellow pagans. Regardless of what kind of pagan you are trying to be some very real dangers are present and you should be aware of them. The first is ego:

There are those who are timid and humble and wish to serve their god or goddess and be a good servant. There are those who dress up and make a show of rattling off something from a book to bolster their already inflated ego. They are Pagan in name only. They don't live their lives any differently than anyone else would. There are the fanatical self righteous who appoint themselves to be the defenders of the craft and the authority on the teachings. No different than any other fanatic.

Pagans unfortunately fall into many of these  categories. Some want recognition and want their egos bolstered. Some want to be "looked up to" and elevated to a position of "elder practitioner" This I know. Ego is always bad. I'll say that again. Ego is always bad. When you do anything for recognition and praise your motives are not pure. Your gesture has no merit. In Pagan terms, you are a phony!

Pagans should not have the same problems as "regular church goers". They shouldn't compete for attention. No one should be set above another. Respect should be shown to all. I can speak another time about sages and crones. Long time practitioners and others. You don't learn Paganism from others. You learn it in nature! You learn it from the Sun and the Moon, from the plants and the animals.

Regular religions want you to talk; make more disciples and pray. Paganism wants you to shut up and listen and watch! To practice awareness. To be in touch with reality. Books are good for encouragement and stimulation. Rituals help you to draw closer to Nature. But your eyes and ears are the most important tools you have. Next come touching and smell. Your senses will guide you. So will your instincts when they awaken!



  1. Wise words. It reminds me of the last day of my Reiki Level II class when my Reiki teacher/Master warned ALL OF US that we must "check our egos at the door" meaning we are not gods and egos hold NO PLACE in our reiki healing practice. She is indeed correct!

    1. I blame religion for ego. I think man started out with perhaps a healthy attitude about himself and religion took that and perverted it into ego. All this "sons and daughters of the most high" nonsense. I am no more important in this Universe than Grayson.

  2. BTW, thank you for the Scott Cunningham words of wisdom. I have many of his books. :)


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