Friday, March 24, 2017

The Rat explains Buddhism!

I think it is Einstein who is credited with the statement "if you can't explain it clearly to others, you probably don't understand it very well yourself". Einstein or maybe Bart Simpson, it doesn't matter who said it, it is true!

Take  Buddhism for instance: Thousands of books have been written. It is interesting that the majority of professed "Buddhists" don't know much about Buddhism or the dharma. They profess to be Buddhists because their parents were Buddhists.

Basically, The man who became known as the Buddha was a man just like every other man. He questioned his existence and why we all suffer. He found the answer and tried to explain it to others for the remainder of his life. Buddhism is more about psychology than it is religion.

Life is about pain and suffering.

We suffer because we crave what the Universe can't provide us. Permanence. Every thing changes.

It is possible to live a contented life.

Train yourself to not crave what you can't have. Their are 8 suggested ways to go about doing this. This is also referred to as the "middle way"

Right understanding means forsaking all the nonsense taught as "wisdom" in this world and embracing the simple truth.

Right thought means earnestly desiring to eliminate suffering and defilements in your own life.

Right speech. Don't lie. Don't gossip. Don't slander or insult. Avoid vulgarity.

right conduct means avoiding being a bully, treat women with respect, having honor and living with a degree of dignity.

right means of making a living means earning your way without taking advantage of anyone or anything.

right mental attitude means not dwelling on perversity, not being angry or judgmental all the time.

right mindfulness means being aware of one's surroundings and situation. Living in the reality of the here and now and not dwelling on  past mistakes or future anxieties.

right concentration means meditating and quieting the mind. Dwelling on what is important and setting aside petty nonsense.

There! That essentially is all there is to it! ha ha ha ha ha 

I expect you all to attain enlightenment by Monday! ha ha ah ha



  1. GREAT POST! One of my best friends calls herself a Zen Witch because she practices both wicca and Buddhism. Pretty interesting actually. They are more alike than one would think.

    1. I would love to see her blog if she has one. I will check your blog and see if you have it listed. Buddhism in it's simplistic form makes a lot of sense and should be taught in schools if you ask me! ha ha ha

    2. Well, she used to have a blog but after adopting four kids she found she had too little time for it. BUT, if you enter Zen Witch in my blog post search at the top, you will see my posts about her if you like. :)

    3. I hate to admit this but I can't find your "search" feature and I went up and down several times looking for it! Maybe I am having a senior moment.

    4. Ok, no problem. It should be at the top left hand side of my home page but I can give you the links for you to check out anyhow. I am so sorry, it may be that only I see that feature on my page because it is my blog? i d k, my apoliies Mr. Rat.

      I hope this helps! :)


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