Sunday, March 5, 2017

thoughts at the VA hospital

 Whenever you go to a Veteran's hospital there is always a lot of waiting. You get a chance to look around and really see what's going on and think about it.

I see guys with missing arms and legs, all kinds of  cancer, traumatic brain injuries in various lines waiting for meds or x rays or appointments. I have to ask myself.

Did these guys get all tore up so Bruce Jenner could wear a dress? Did they lose limbs so some "confused" person can put on a dress and use the wrong bathroom?
this happens more than you think.

We have real enemies. Terrorists want to destroy our country and hurt our citizens and we are worried about whether or not the Oscars are being fair to blacks. We concern ourselves with what Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are up too! We are in heavy debate about who uses which bathroom?

I would never presume to speak for other Veterans. But I am pretty sure they defended our country so all these people could be free. But when are the important issues going to take center stage instead of these lesser issues.

War is awful! Sometimes it can't be avoided. People die, people get hurt. The things those people die for and get crippled up for should be important things. Freedom, our children, our country. I guess Bruce Jenner should be allowed to wear dresses and pretend to be a woman if he wants too, but should that be the main topic of conversation?

When are the veterans who provide these freedoms going to get center stage? When is the conversation going to turn towards the sacrifices that have been made for freedom? Veteran's day! Memorial Day? Those are just holidays off from work for most people. Sales in the stores. Veterans did what they did and didn't expect a thank you. Most of the time, they don't get one.


  1. yeah, i'm a huge athletic specimen in a normal sized man's body. i self-identify as a left handed starting pitcher. i demand that society accommodate my self-identity and stop discriminating against normal sized people.

    1. tell a democrat! they will try and get a law passed just for you...

  2. sometimes I feel like I am living in an episode of the twilight zone. To weird for me!

  3. Mr. Rat, I DO believe that you have got "their" number ... lol

    Have a good one!

    1. I been telling people since I started this blog I got some liberal points of view and I've got some conservative views as well. If you had 10 democrats on a leaking boat, they would all drown arguing over who should bail the water out! Would be afraid of "offending" someone. sad but true.....


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