Thursday, March 23, 2017

Thursday Afternoon

I've studied Buddhism long enough to know that nothing lasts. Good or bad. Things change. Healthy people grow old and die. Beauty fades. Love leads to clinging and clinging leads to suffering so eventually everyone must pay the price. No body gets out of this world alive!

The Mrs. health is doing real good right now and she is in the best shape she has been in for years. But I know that it is temporary and that I should enjoy having her in my life every moment of every day and never ever take those moments for granted.

We were able to extend little Grayson's life with good food and medical care but he will live out his time and will pass away like all living things. We must accept that things change and that nothing remains the same in order to live a contented life. Otherwise, it is one long depressing wake for all the things we love and lose. Suffering comes from clinging and the refusal to accept the impermanence of things. Basic Buddhism 101.

That is why being grateful for what we have right now is so important. Tomorrow it may be gone. Life has "if" right in the middle! ha ha While I am at it, I should point out that live spelled backwards is evil. There is a lesson in that. Always move forward. Turning back is evil. No good can come of living backwards.

I confess I do live in the future more than I should. I look forward to things. Sometimes they happen. Often they don't. But hope in small amounts helps a little I think. Be kind to each other. In the cold dark Universe, all we have is each other.



  1. Beautiful post and very wise words indeed Mr. Rat! I must confess that "change" and I have been at odds for years. I HATE change of any kind but I know I have NO control over it what-so-ever. In fact, there is little control we have period in our lives in this universe.

    I am so happy that Mrs.Rat is doing well and your sweet wonder kitty Grayson as well.

    Blessings to you always!

    1. dear sister, I have lost my parents, my son, my daughter, my step brother, my step father and many dear friends. That's not counting the pets who were special friends. Grief is complicated. It is not just the simple matter of missing someone or something. There is anger, feelings of being cheated, resentment, jealousy and a plethora of feelings that make an appearance during the grieving process. I hate funerals. In fact I no longer attend funerals. I will visit a gravesite afterwards and pay my private respects but I will not participate in the hypocrisy of funerals any longer. I almost got put in jail when I attended my mother's funeral! The unbelievable level of two faced hypocrisy and bulls**t was mind boggling. Loss is a personal thing. Each of us must cope in our own way and at our own speed. All this "they have gone to a better place" crud makes me want to go homicidal!

      I am going to write more about this and other subjects that really matter to people. I am not an expert at anything. All I can do is share what I have learned and what works for me. thank you for your continued kindness and friendship. you are a jewel.


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