Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What to expect in the future Posts.

I am cleaning house again. Some blogs and I are going to part ways. Enough conspiracy theories, not because they are silly, because they are probably true and there is nothing we can do about it. Enough macho man blogs. I'll be 66 the end of this month. If' I haven't qualified for manhood yet, I guess I never will. One things for sure, I don't need to qualify in the eyes of anyone else. Enough girlie pictures, enough guns.

I want to read blogs about gardening. I want to read about thrift store finds. I want to read about people's travels and adventures and what they saw and what they ate! I like cats! I have been privileged to know several. They are remarkable creatures and could teach us a lot with we paid attention.

I am once again trying to convince myself to continue blogging. I want to post about the backyard, my shop, Grayson the wonder cat, the Mrs., health issues. The stuff I actually care about or pertains to me. I don't give a damn about Trump or Putin. Harry Reid or Nancy Pelosi.

I am sure of this. The rich and powerful will continue to do whatever they have to to stay rich and powerful. If you are poor, chances are excellent you are going to stay poor. So you need to just do the best you can with what you have and enjoy the time you have left. More love, less hate! More compassion and kindness and less selfishness. More peace and less conflict! More forgiveness and less condemnation!

If anyone is interested in another blog featuring those things I will continue writing.



  1. Actually I much prefer your writings on the part of living like new porches and dinners with Mrs. Rat. I frequently just skip reading your blog when it is about the bullshit of life. Keep reporting the " I want to post about the backyard, my shop, Grayson the wonder cat, the Mrs., health issues. The stuff I actually care about or pertains to me." and I will keep reading and enjoying.

  2. i picked up the complete works of oscar wilde at the thrift store today for $2.50.

    if the rich toss a few crumbs my way, i'll pick them up.

    1. Most of my education came from 25 cent paperbacks! good deal!

  3. Had a wonderful dinner and it been a while since I had jello. So I made some lime and add pears and cottage cheese.
    Also cut binding strips for the quilt I'm working on.
    Might as well mention it rain most of this afternoon.
    Coffee is on

    1. MY Mrs. likes to crochet these large afghans. She has given a lot of them away. She has made several large enough to fit a king size bed. I like cottage cheese and fruit. The Mrs. thinks it is nasty! ha ha ha ha ha


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