Sunday, March 5, 2017

When is enough , enough?

There seems to be a competition sometimes among disabled veterans to see who can outdo one another with service connected ratings. Once you reach 100 percent there is little point to going for more ratings but that usually doesn't stop the veteran from trying.

The higher amounts are for those poor souls who have lost arms and legs and suffer from things like incontinence . I applied for benefits when something affected my life. Not being able to work for instance. Yes, I got to where I couldn't work anymore and I sought help from the VA . I have never filed for compensation for hearing loss, or sleep apnea or migraine headaches or depression although I could and I would probably be awarded service connection for those things.

I have a bad back, slipped discs, arthritis, and neuropathy. I don't play the game to see who can rack up the biggest score. I try and be honest about what I feel is service connected and what isn't.

It puts a tremendous burden on the VA to have to deal with these "wishful thinking" claims. No evidence of service connection exists but they file a claim doomed to failure none the less and clog the system with paperwork and never ending appeals.

You have to be able to prove service connection. There has to be evidence to substantiate your claim. Sure the VA will always error on the side of caution and in many cases give the Veteran the benefit of the doubt but some nexus or connection has to be present.The Va examiner wants evidence, he will not take your word.

No one ever dares brings up those veterans who try and "game" the system and ride the gravy train. They want everything they can get as opposed to what they have coming and it does fellow veterans a disservice. The Va is extremely fair overall. But they have become skeptical as a result of so many false claims that they now have a tendency to take that attitude with everyone. Not fair to those veterans who are simple trying to get what they are entitled too!

Whatever type of entitlement program the government has, there will always be those who see it as an opportunity for easy money. In the meantime standing in that same line is a veteran who sacrificed his health and well being for his country and is now expecting his country to help him in return. We owe it that veteran to administer the program as fairly and efficiently as possible.

I am a disabled veteran and my country has acknowledged that and takes very good care of me. If you have a legitimate claim, never give up! The VA may be slow but eventually they will get it right. They usually do!

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