Wednesday, March 1, 2017

whoot whoot!

Hey Everyone!

Happy March 1st....

The rain has finally stopped. The antibiotics are starting to work. My ear has quit ringing (at least, not as loud) and I get to live with Mrs. Rat! So all things considered, it's a pretty good day.

I am sitting at the laptop and it is only a matter of time till Grayson comes down the hallway demanding breakfast and a head scratch. I tried to demand breakfast once and the Mrs. gave me a look that would scare an ordinary man! But she jumps up to take care of Grayson. Makes me a little jealous. ha ha ha ha

That's all I got to say for now. Be safe and enjoy your day!


  1. Sounds like a first class day on the way!

    1. what was a pretty good day. I took a walk down the street and supervised the power company working on the wiring for awhile. They are pulling new wires down the street. Walked around my yard at all the weeds that are springing up. Need to mix up a batch of spray. almost time to get my old butt in gear and get started on my spring projects. I may have to pay someone to clean the gutters. It has nothing to do with health, I just don't want to do it! ha ha ha ha ha

  2. "Guess what day it is? Hey, guess what day it is? Guess-what-day-it-is!" HA HA HA (loved that commercial).

    Anyway, glad you are having such a good day today, we all need those more often. :)

    Could not help but to laugh at the comment about Mrs. Rat and your sweet boy Grayson. Don't feel too badly though, my dad used to say that we kids came first, then the dog, THEN him! LOL!!!!!

    1. the problem with having a good day is the fear and dread over what kind of crap will fall out of the sky tomorrow?!?!?! You know the good ain't going to last! ha ha ha ha


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