Sunday, April 9, 2017

Another Post! I'm on a roll now!

You would think that with all the time I have spent gone from the blog lately I would be getting a lot done. Nope! I work real hard on something for 4 hours or so and then I have to recuperate for 2 days! Everything on me is sore and aches. Now I suppose if I continue to push myself I will eventually get "conditioned" to the demands of my chores but I am beginning to doubt it.

The good news is while I work at a snail's pace getting some chores done, I stay home, I eat at home and I don't use any gas in the van, spend any money foolishly and stretch my dollars while I'm home working on stuff.

I have been giving some thought lately about eliminating some clutter from my life, simplifying a little, and trying to enjoy my remaining time on earth more often. I am determined to finish a few projects that have drug on to long this year! I don't want to endure another monsoon season without a downspout and gutter on the back patio for instance. I don't want to endure another summer without getting some shades put up.

Ever hear the expression that "Pain is weakness leaving your body"? If that is true I should be strong as a bull soon. ha ha  I think that expression is some macho bullsh*t! I don't wish to come across as "unfeeling" and "insensitive" but why is Syria any of our business? Because Russia is involved? I read where those missiles cost over 50 million dollars! I read where Trump's trips to Florida have cost over 50 million dollars so far. Those two things make 100 million dollars. in less than I hundred days! Can we afford 4 years of that egotistical old bastard making America great again? I'm just saying...........


  1. Been also getting rid of stuff. I often wonder how I get all this stuff, and no room for it.
    About ready to pay some bills. I guess that life.
    Coffee is on

    1. I figure I am 2 and a 1/2 years away from paying off my house so I enjoy watching the balance going down finally. I have enough insurance to pay it off if I die in the meantime so the Mrs. will be secure. ONe less thing to worry about. I guess that's life!!! good hearing from you Ms Dora.

  2. I just read that it is costing 1 million a MONTH for security for the evil head of education, Betsy DeVos. 48 million over four years so she can desalinate public education.

    1. If Trump remains President for 8 years the dumbing down of America will be complete. We will have a bunch of worker bees completely indoctrinated into this new bizarre paradigm of "America's Greatness". Big Brother is here........


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