Saturday, April 29, 2017

Choking to death on useless laws

Let's talk some more about the law. Specifically government regulations, federal law. Why is it necessary for group of people in Washington D.C. to get involved in how a rancher in Nevada raises his cattle? What is the purpose of the Bureau of Land Management? What is the purpose of the Bureau of Mines? Why do we have a Department of Agriculture? Forestry?  Why do we have a Department of Education? I could list a 100 more but you get my point. You can't name a single thing the government has not got it's nose stuck in and exercising some degree of control over it.

Cigarettes, Alcohol, guns- The Bureau of Alcohol , Tobacco and Firearms! Why? Mandatory car insurance! Seat belts, air bags, helmets etc. All mandated by the government. Who put them in charge of you. They pass these laws like you are to stupid to take your own precautions and look out for your own safety. Are you?

Has all these laws made anything better? Perhaps the government needs to involved "to a certain extent" but Washington telling a farmer in New Mexico how many of acres of chili peppers  he can grow? What to teach your children in school? How to build your house? Anytime a group of people try and live free of consumerism and off grid the government comes out to inspect and find something they can prosecute them for? 

If you take the constitution literally and start asking questions why so many obvious things are unconstitutional and they are doing them anyway, you are labeled a "domestic terrorist" or an "anarchist". Questioning the validity of some regulation doesn't make you a criminal, that should be everyone's right.

Name a single law that actually makes a difference. Are you free?  Can you go buy raw land and go live on it in a tent or a homemade lean to and be left alone? Anything bigger than 100 square feet requires a  building permit. Then it will have to meet code requirements. Then you will have to get a septic (more inspections) electrical, heating and plumbing will all have to pass government code. 

Folks- I don't call that freedom. I call that interfering in your life and claiming they are looking out for your well being. I'm a grown ass man, I don't need a baby sitter from Washington DC telling me when to go to bed and when to get up and where I can pee on my own land!


  1. Best I recall that BLM-Bundy Ranch standoff had everything to do with Harry Reid's son's involvement in a corporation that had plans to install a huge solar panel facility...and they had to get the cows off the BLM land. Bundy had been legally running cattle here for many years.
    Govt is always right and can do anything they want to.

    1. Thank goodness Trump is President! He is going to make it great again! ha ha ha ha ha


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