Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Dry, warm and safe. What else do you need?

I have lived 66 years without granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, or a bedroom the size of a basketball court. I like simple tasty food. Some cut of meat, some vegetables, maybe a piece of cake or a couple of cookies for dessert.

I have a house that is 31 years old and it shows. It is what young people call "dated". I don't care. I am "dated" too! Everything in my house works good enough for me. I bought a new fridge and stove shortly after moving in. I bought a freezer at the same time. I am still using the washer and dryer that was left in the house when I bought it. We don't use the dish washer but it works.

I financed my house for 15 years at 3.5 percent on a VA loan with no money down. I have paid an extra 250 dollars a month towards the principal since I bought it and have paid it down to 26 thousand dollars in 5 years and a few months. I anticipate paying it off in just 8 years about 2 and 1/2 years from now.

I could pay it off with money from savings but why? Just knowing I could is comfort enough. I have purchased a new A/c unit and added a back awning. I coated the roof and replaced the solar window coverings and the house remains comfortable in the desert heat.

I don't need a fancy house to impress anyone. I don't need all the stuff I hear people talk about. The shower works , the bed is comfortable and we can prepare meals in the kitchen. What else do you need? Now days people buy to impress. They buy for their ego's needs not their bodies. I sleep warm and safe. I will spend the last 10 years of my life without a house payment to worry about.

Man is the only animal that makes payments on his own cage. Think about it?


  1. Your views on home are similar to mine. We bought this place 35 years ago, a crumbling farmhouse on an acre. No charge for the house because only 3 walls still stood. Worked on it all the time --still do. Added on. Built a barn. I must be nuts. Kitchen counter is formica. When we decided we wanted a smaller yard we sold our front ditch to the county and rear creek to Parks and Recreation Dept., but something always comes up to keep us from getting a dishwasher.

    1. If I live as long as my mother did, I have almost 20 years left to live. I don't want to waste that last 20 years working to improve my "net worth". I just want to live a peaceful life. My new profession "professional cloud watcher" doesn't pay well but it is very satisfying. ha ha ha ha


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