Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Ever had your ears power washed?

Last week I went to the VA clinic and got my ear cleaned out finally! They "irrigated" it with warm water until a big chunk of ear wax dislodged and came out! I figure it has been growing back up in there for about 40 years! My ear has quit ringing and the swelling is going down and I am actually starting to hear a little bit out of it for the first time in a long time.

So much for preventive maintenance? So in the last six months I have had an abscessed tooth pulled, had six polyps removed during a colonoscopy (benign) and now had my head flushed! Now all I need is some new tires and a cheap paint job! ha ha ha

I guess folks are to busy to comment about my last post. I thought it would be a good topic of conversation. People are getting tired of "keeping up with the Joneses" They want to simplify their lives and just enjoy themselves more. I watch that show about "tiny homes" . Folks build itty bitty houses on single and double axle trailers to live in and save big bucks on taxes and rent. Hell, I used to live in a camper shell on the back of a pickup truck! No big deal....

Bikers are coming to town this weekend and Kiss is going to perform down the road. I guess I will get some eggs and bread and plan to stay home till next week. I don't enjoy 60,000 drunk people as much as I used too!

Write some more after while.........


  1. I don't have a chance to visit all of my coffee pals. I don't want to be pest in place I go including blogs. Anyhow older I get the less I care about what other think of me.
    Sure glad your polyps was benign.
    Coffee is on

    1. I consider myself sufficiently old to qualify for cantankerous! What a great way to be! ha ha good hearing from you always.....

  2. Ah yes, the ol' ear canal cleaning! One of the stranger experiences of my life. I felt like I had hyper-hearing for a couple days afterwards, like they transformed me into some wimpy super hero with super-ear capabilities. Thanks for the fun flash back.

    As for the other keepin' up with the masses stuff, I'm with you Buddy. If I ever get the chance to have a house again, granite will be going nowhere near it! I've presided over projects over the last 15 years that probably amount to 10,000 square feet of the stuff. If you ask me, if there is something that "everybody" has then it isn't all that special, now is it?
    And don't even get me started on Interior Designers!

    Best to you and the missus and your fuzzy little pal.

    1. I guess you would appreciate the humor behind my colon once again being a smooth bore! ha ha ha damned good hearing from you!


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