Thursday, April 27, 2017

Freedom to Disagree

This whole idea of equal rights is kind of complicated if you ask me. Every time someone gets a right they think they deserve someone else loses the right to disagree. Real freedom consists of doing what you want to do without interfering with anyone else. We don't have that.

We are forced to accept people because not accepting them is prejudicial or bigoted. Perhaps, but what if I just prefer the company of my own kind. Don't I have that right? NO. It was taken away from me and I am now forced to accept these other people or face criminal penalties. Is that freedom?

If I have a flower shop, I have to sell you flowers even though I don't like you or want your business. If I own a cake shop I have to sell you a cake even though I don't like you or want your business. I am no longer allowed to voice my opinion because the law says it is "hate speech". So I am denied my "free speech" instead!

The Civil Rights Act is over 50 years old. You see how well that has worked! You can pass all the laws you want but you can't make people like each other. All these laws do is cause resentment. That does not help your cause, if anything it makes matters worse.

Maybe I am narrow minded in my point of view. Don't I have that right?  Why am I being forced to accept your ways. Maybe I disagree. Disagreeing doesn't make me a bad person or your enemy! I would just as soon ignore you altogether. But you want laws passed making it necessary for me to interact with you. What gives you the right to force yourself or your life choices on me?


  1. What ever happened to those signs that used to be in businesses, "We reserve the right to refuse you service." Now if you refuse to make a cake for someone, sell flowers to someone, or refuse to take their business...they make a big deal out of it and sue you. It's ridiculous.

    1. excellent point Mary! I wish I had thought of that to include it in my post. The liberal fanatics have made it illegal to discriminate. I wonder if you can still throw drunks out of bars? One of the big things is you have to rent to people who are dirty, loud and will cause property damage or you are accused of discrimination. It's my property, if I don't like the way someone looks are comes across I should be able to refuse to rent to them....


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