Friday, April 28, 2017

If the Government ran a brothel, it would go bankrupt!

I been thinking about stuff a lot with these last few posts and I have come to the conclusion the federal government couldn't run a brothel successfully. You got to be a pretty bad business man to screw up running a brothel! Everyone likes your product and if customers can afford it  they are going to cum and get some. Get it-come!. You don't need to advertise much, no coupons, no inventory to count, no shelves to clean/ just sheets to wash!

If the government took it over the first thing they would do is enact about 150 rules that would do absolutely nothing but take all the fun out of it. It would take one dissatisfied customer complaining and then "political correctness" would take over. Then of course, there would be a "luxury tax". You would require a medical certificate and recent physical. You would have to sign a liability waiver in case you had a heart attack from having to much fun so they couldn't get sued

All the really fun freaky nasty stuff would be illegal and have to be done on the down low. Yep, the government would screw it up so bad you would eventually just stay home and jack off!  We don't need more laws! We need less laws. Why does the government have to get involved in every aspect of your life? Why do they care what you do with the curtains pulled shut and the door locked as long as you ain't killing somebody. If no body is getting hurt then it should be legal. Good rule-if it ain't any of your business then you don't need a law.

Churches are trying to put their religious laws in effect on a secular level. If church people don't want to do kinky stuff-fine, that's their choice. But don't try and make it illegal for the rest of us who like perverted and nasty gratification.

Prohibition didn't work. People wanted their beer and whiskey. People want the herb. Look at what's happening. Prostitution is legal in all but 2 Nevada counties and the world hasn't ended. I used to live up the road from the Chicken Ranch. Great bunch of folks! Sponsored a big barbecue every year for charity.

Congress should go through the federal statutes and try and eliminate 25 percent of all laws on the books for starters. Then go back and do it again! Hell, we might end up actually being free again!


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!! OMG! If THAT isn't true, I don't know what is!

    1. You got to admit that it is almost impossible to go through a whole day without breaking a law of some kind. The United States has around a 11 trillion dollar a year income and we can't manage to run the country on that! It's a wonder they don't shut off the utilities at the White House! ha ha ha ha

  2. Replies
    1. When all us fails, there is always tax evasion. Ask Al Capone.......good hearing from you!


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