Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Liberals don't know where to draw the line!

I guess as long as I am admitting my mistakes I better talk  some about liberals. The problem is liberals don't know where to draw the line. At some point someone has to say "wait a minute!" "what you are suggesting is nasty and wrong!" At some point they got to start calling certain things just wrong.

Look how liberal thinking has screwed up "gender issues". I got nothing against gay people. I don't want to hurt them. Not even their feelings. But I am opposed to building schools with 27 different kinds of restrooms to accommodate all the various mentally ill, gender "confused" children who need the fundamental pecker and pussy arrangement of nature explained to them. It is not complicated. IF you have a pecker you go in the restroom with the pants on the door and if you got a pussy you go in the restroom with a skirt on the door. It has worked quite well for a long time until these "half and halves" started wanting more and more rights and the liberals jumped on the band wagon.

If some brave soul doesn't call "bullshit" soon the liberals will want to grant equal rights to sheep so they can marry the farmer! I guess we would have to build them a god damned restroom too! You don't fix anything by passing another god damned law. To many laws already. Not enough common sense. Kids used to listen to their parents. Sometimes it was necessary to get their attention first! Now kids are rebelling against their parents and demanding the "rights" they think they are entitled too!
To many extremes. If a little boy don't want to hunt and fish that's fine. It don't mean he needs to wear a dress! you fucking morons. Maybe he would rather study science and find a cure for something. Leave him the fuck alone and let him find his own way! Quit deciding shit that has already been determined . He is a boy. Only time will tell what kind of man he will be, but he will grow up and be a man. It ain't that hard to understand people.

If Bruce Jenner wants to grow tits and pee in the women's restroom and people are willing to put up with it, fine. But he ain't a woman people! He is a mentally ill man who liberal society allowed to be castrated. Sad poor pathetic soul. I feel sorry for him. But only nature can make a woman or a man. It is decided in the womb when the DNA gets mixed and that's just how it is. Man's ego makes him think he has a say in the matter. He don't.

I can talk more about liberal insanity that this is enough for now!


  1. Absolutely CORRECT, Mr. Rat!!!! We have a lawsuit going on here where I live with Boyertown High School where a "confused" transgender GIRL who THINKS and wants to be a MAN undressed in the men's locker room and one of the students (three more students have joined the lawsuit since then) and his parents are suing the school. The moronic school administration suggested that these normal, unconfused students change in some other area such as the nurses office. Are you fucking kidding me???? So let me get this straight, the majority of the normal uncomfortable students have to be inconvenienced because of the ONE or two percent of the students? GET REAL!!! It is very simple, you go where your plumbing dictates ... nature makes that call, NOT US!

    1. We are living in a society where children are actually being raised hating their own genitalia! What kind of insanity is that? The mental anguish being caused by these "accepting" parents will ruin any chances for that child to have a good wholesome life. It will end up being a freak! Kids learn how to behave from watching their parents (or whoever is raising them). I learned how to be a man from my dad. What is happening here in America is so sad. We have lost our way. I'll die soon but I feel bad for my grandchildren. They are growing up in an insane world. Good hearing from you!

    2. Thanks, Mr. Rat! I have been around ... just been super busy here.. barely have time to blog! :)


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