Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Evening at Headquarters........

Well, I'll stop ranting for one post and talk about what is going on here in the cradle of civilization, southern Nevada. The wife's bridge hurts her mouth. Had to go back and get it looked at. The new guy says it is to big and the mold wasn't done properly and wants to do it over again free of charge. Except for the pain and aggravation of course. I felt my blood pressure starting to climb!

I went next door to the coin shop so the dentist wouldn't call the police on me and bought some more coins. Two more British 2 pound coins. Britannias 1oz silver .999. Picked up a real nice 1881 Morgan silver dollar. Good detail 90 % silver. Silver stays low I may go back and look around  some more .

Got my back light wired up finally. Now I can start  painting my trim now that the boxes are mounted and the wire is strung. Next is building a new cover for my crawl space entrance. Bought the lumber for that yesterday. Got the gate latches installed on the doors and a pull string on one so far. Now if the door slams shut I can get back in instead of walking all the way around the house! ha ha ha

Got a pretty good breeze blowing today! Someday maybe the snow birds will go home.  Hope your  weekend is going well!


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