Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Stand your ground, defend your castle and God bless fucking America!

I mentioned Buddhist beliefs in my last post and got a snarky comment from the little  troll Jeffrey! He actually spelled self immolation correctly! Suggested I try it. Isn't that special? I used to be mean like him back before I embraced Buddhism and realized that people like him are just in pain and looking for someone to lash out at. I wish you peace Jeffrey.  I might suggest you being a little more respectful if we ever meet in person. You might catch me in a bad mood when I'm not feeling very Buddhist! That could be bad.

It's easy to talk shit on the internet.

I guess no one wanted to talk about my last post. Oh well..Moving on....Went and bought some parts to finish up my electrical project out back and got some paint. We  stopped and had some soup and a sandwich before heading home. Stopped at the Post Office and got the mail. My American Legion magazine came today. The jokes were good as always. Several ads for selling gold coins again! I ain't paying 115 dollars for a coin the size of a dime! I just can't bring myself to do it. I'll stay with silver.

I have come to realize that I have been wrong on several key issues. I always thought Obamacare in it's current form was a big mistake. But I remember bad mouthing Republicans for shutting down the government. Now the democrats are behaving the same way. Childish! My sincerest apologies to the Republican Congress and Members of the Senate for my unjust criticism. It's become obvious that the democrats don't behave any better! Piss poor way to run a fucking country. I'm against any law that fines people for choosing not to participate so it will work. That's not a good law, that's bullying the workers into paying for the poor. I think they call that communism? Hell what do I know?

The other thing I was wrong about is "gun control". I have always thought that some kind of sensible registration was a good idea and would help prevent crazies from getting guns. I WAS WRONG! Just another bureaucratic debacle that won't work and will fuck with law abiding folks. Any time you got to mess with good people because a few assholes are being assholes that is not a good law. Not a good idea either.

So, buy all the guns you fucking want and don't register shit unless you absolutely have too! Carry one around with you, keep one in the car, the trunk, the tool box, the dresser drawer, the bathroom and the first low life ghetto rat or "undocumented" worker who tries to break in your house send him to meet Jesus! Stand your ground, defend your castle and God bless fucking America!

I'm going to bed now! I'm fucking tired. Goodnight Jeffrey!


  1. I am not sure what Jeffrey said (I think you must have selected to not post his comment), but I do tend to feel a lot of Buddist philosophies have tremendous merit. Acceptance as you suggested is key. I think most religions, and psychology has some aspect of acceptance and/or willingness to not have absolute expectations as a core idea. In whatever way they are described, the basic idea seems to be that contentment is found when you accept what is, and work on yourself to become more of who you want to be.

    As for today's post... I am not sure if your current thoughts on healthcare and gun control are "real" or meant "tongue-in-cheek". But from my perspective, Obamacare was a very poor plan but it did some modest good for some folks. I believe we need Universal Health Care for all citizens, and not some mixed up system where your job determines if and when you get health care. Universal health care for all would, in my opinion help the entire nation be stronger economically (and physically). As for gun control, as a hunter myself, I still feel strongly that gun control measures are typically a good thing. Regulating ownership will help decrease access of weapons to those who are not responsible enough to handle having guns. And, again in my opinion, I think the majority of gun control measures really are necessary for handguns, which by-and-large are truthfully only useful as weapons to kill PEOPLE. And, again in my opinion, most folks do not need nor do they actually benefit from having a handgun.... The risks to themselves and to others is generally higher than the benefits for them.


    1. Your argument is one I shared for a long time. I don't think it will ever work. It would just create a greater burden on the honest while the criminal and crazy element continued unscathed. Better no regulation at all that stifling the freedom of millions to try and limit a few.

      As far as health care goes, yes, universal health care would be an improvement over everything else suggested or tried thus far. But until we eliminate the middle men (the insurance companies), it will be expensive and unnecessarily complicated. Ignorant moron Americans need taught that the socialism that Bernie Sanders is talking about is a good thing and a giant improvement over dog eat dog capitalism when it comes to taking care of our citizenry.

      Fundamental Buddhism (the dharma) should be taught in schools in my opinion instead of the bronze age fairy tale of Christianity. It addresses reality, the real cause of suffering and offers helpful ideas in how to cope with life. It answers the question of how we fit into the grand scheme of things. It prepares you to die without fear eliminating all the anguish that Christians suffer with their cherished guilt and sense of failure. I won't apologize for embracing Buddhist philosophy. It makes sense to me.......

  2. "Any time you got to mess with good people because a few assholes are being assholes that is not a good law. Not a good idea either"

    You are correct Sir! My state is the epitome of this (CA)and I'm fed up with it. Not that the Fed is much better...

    My best to you & the family!


    1. J. I foolishly tried to give the government (federal) the benefit of the doubt and I am sorry to report that no matter how hard the government tries, it is a giant inefficient, poorly ran, debacle. I don't know if it is intentional or accidental but the government could literally fuck up a wet dream! To many "special interest" groups and too much "campaign" bribes. 2/3's of Congress needs put in prison. Do the best you can son, and look out for number one.

  3. Mr Rat you know a know things and so do I. But I belive your kind person. As for our current climate in current events. It could be heating up.
    Coffee is on

    1. I wish I could disagree with you Ms Dora but you are right! I think Trump is trying his best but he is getting it from the liberals the same way Obama got it from the conservatives. Congress is owned by big money and they don't care about the common folks. Dark times ahead. We been there before. Some of the youngsters haven't. I sure could use a cup of coffee right now. I worked pretty hard today out back.


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