Sunday, April 30, 2017

Sunday evening Post-Who rules the world!

If you have been hanging around here this week you will have noticed that I have been hard on the liberals and the conservatives. While each point of view has certain merits, somewhere in the middle lies wisdom.

Some would argue that there is no real difference between the two parties. Both answer to contributors and big business( big money). Bi partisan support is rare unless it concerns the wealthy and then swift action is taken.

I say this and then I'll move on to more entertaining posts. The rich are the enemy of the poor and especially the middle class. They care about themselves, their money, their property, their profits. Ask yourself why Bill Gates is so worried about African children getting vaccines while there are homeless children in America going to bed hungry. Scratch deep enough into Gate's philanthropy and you will find self interest. The One percent don't have allegiance to any one country. They own the whole world and think globally. They control damned near everything. It is easy to make money when people don't have a real choice.

Illiterate Africans didn't make him the richest man in the world.  Yet, his charitable interests are a long  way from home. Why? Congress is owned. The few noble Congressman and Senators who are not owned have no real power. Both parties are owned. It is a political tennis match and the rich always win.. But the poor and the middle class thinks the game actually matters. It doesn't. It is for show. Our country and every country is an oligarchy.

The ONE PERCENT rule the world. Everyone else is a slave or a slave overseer! They own the food, water, power, medicine, entertainment, news, and create strife and war and then profit from both sides. They make huge profits from disease. Make huge profits from war!  It has been this way for centuries. Wake Up!  

The lies continue.


  1. Suggested read: "War is a racket" - Major General Smedley Butler 1935


    1. Yep! The military industrial complex is alive and well!


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